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  • stugots2000 stugots2000 Jan 5, 2010 4:40 PM Flag


    did they lay off any chickenpluckers

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    • stugots2000....i just grow em i don't pluck em...but i am very fortunate to be one of the 41,000 still employed becaused PPC was able to emerge from BK....(the finger pointing will be debated forever)...all i know is that about 1 in 1000 emerge Bk., pay creditors and retain stockholder for that business decision also deserves recognition......glta!!!

    • Stugots, you may think it funny, but the reality is that the 260 newly unemployed people are real folks, with real bills that were only guilty of working for PPC - just to get kicked to the curb by Bo, Don and bunch of Brazilians lookin out for themselves.

      They join more than 6,000 other hourly employees and 800 growers all across the U.S. who now suffer greatly financially because of the boneheaded decisions of Bo, O.B., Cliff, Rick, Clint, Bob and a Board of Directors that wholly failed to do their fiduciary duty to shareholders, growers and employees. A few people have made some big money on PPC in the last year, but many, many more have unnecessarily lost millions!!!

      It's nothing to joke about - chicken plucker.

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      • Orbit: Thanks for telling it like it is. I'm on a double edge sword. I'm one who has made money this past year off of BO's dumb decisions. And I'm one who has seen people in my area suffer from BO's dumb decisions. The 260 people laid off made the CBS nation wide news as it should. Because each of those numbers has a human face with it. Some have lost a life's worth of work and savings. No, this is no joke.

      • ORBIT,

        Thanks, that was a great reply that Dumb A$$ question...As you stated many of US have lost alot because of Pilgrim's decisions...I no longer have a business because of the plant shuting down here, but the main ones who got hurt were the growers, and they didn't deserve any of this...Flex was one...

        Thanks again Orbit!!!!!!


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