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  • hosmer_2001 hosmer_2001 Apr 16, 2010 5:27 PM Flag

    does PPC supply KFC I know TSN does some

    who is PPC biggest customer????

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    • mikeehead...I raise 4.3 lb. chickens in 37 to 38 days for Athens Complex....last growout my birds stayed longer (42 days) and they averaged weighing 4.87 lbs...... Weight is always important but almost equally important is the feed conversion and the mortality....The Breed is the C5F which is the Cobb Chicken developed in England by Tyson Poultry Co.....We grew l,046,160 lbs. of chicken with 1,949,089 feed lbs consumed....unfortunately we had 4 houses with chics from very young hens and our livability % was down to 95.29 but you do the best you can and try to improve the next growout...good luck to you mikeehead!!!

    • MIKE: Do the ya-hoo CONNECT THINGY....AND I WILL "E" POULTRY: And Ask her for some Current numbers...It could take a WHILE THOUGH...My Intent Is to enable you to be able to SEE...Just how Tough the growers have it... If You have a "IDEA" of Getting in the Biss: It aint easy...& It takes 5+years to get your investment Back.....However: If a FELLER Had the Capital....And Could buy a existing operation that had Gone into Foreclosure....The ##'s Might be "QUITE DIFFERENT".....BWTFDIRK....Wildman.

    • PoultryPrincess; I know this may be hard for some to understand as, there is a lot that I do not understand myself. People are nolonger moving into Florida they are moving away from Florida. Suwannee County is the same way. It will be some time before this changes. People here are shell shocked! Many no longer trust anything. Same with the banks. It will take something like Tyson is doing to get new growers or to get some of the old ones back on line. To be honest, I don't know if even that will work here.

      You are right,Money, or the greed to be top chicken, did cause the problem. Now it will take some one with DEEEEEP POCKETS to get things going again. Do I see JBS doing what Tyson is doing? No. Could that be why Tyson is doing it? Don't know.

      Back a year or so ago rumors were out that the Live Oak plant was to be sold to Tyson...then to Sanderson. Sadly, it was only a rumor. I say this because of the trust factor. To banks JBS is seen as the new kid on the block selling chicken.

    • I was thinking of 1 batch but would like to know answers to both if you have them

    • MIKE: For 1 particular Batch?? Or to build a House from SCRATCH?? And get the First batch out of it??? Wildman.

    • Princess how long does it take as grower to produce chickens for processing?

    • If you build it growers will come! If you open it growers will come back because growers have limited alternatives.......New grower faces maybe......New grower owners probably....the JBS connection & exiting Bkrupcy. will help .......Lately to get new growers in Georgia Tyson has given a contract for 25 new broiler houses...its a 7 yr. contract and contruction is underway....this is the way it will get incentives for new growers will overcome any objections from lenders......Money caused this problem and money will be the solution...JMPO...GLTA

    • Orbit; Yes, being too polite. There are many things I'll never understand. And I agree with you. Time will heal the wound but, it will never be, or work, the same. Frankly, I would like to know how they will find new grower? Some farms will be foreclosed on by the banks but who wants a lot of chicken houses? It will take a lot of money to get the chicken houses up and running. And the land is worth a third of what it was in say 2005 or 06. This is what got the banks in trouble before. Making loans on a crap shoot to some one that may not be able to pay the mortgage.

      I agree. The over all picture is good for JBS/PPC and should not hurt the earnings. Just bad for the Live Oak Plant and folks in Suwannee County.

    • Sligo, you are 100% correcto. I was being too polite. Maybe even you were. They really shot themselves in the...

      Time will heal the wound, but it will never work the same, and it will be more costly to get new growers.

      In the grand scheme of things though it won't make much impact on 2010 earnings either way.

    • Orbit; They basically shot themselves in the foot at Live Oak. Some of the canceled growers are not coming back and many of the ones that are willing don't have the money to start up their farms again. Most are facing foreclosure and bankruptcy. As it looks now they will not be able to ramp up production to the levels JBS desires and the banks are not going to help.

      Some of the land values in Florida, and this area, has dropped as much as 80%. Florida is still in a world of hurt and no bank is going to give a local farmer money. The banks wonder why the farmer was cut in the first place? And JBS/PPC may be asking for for a lot of updates in some of the houses. All of which cost money. Right now banks are not real happy about loaning money.

      In January 2009, here in live oak 26 broiler farms contract were canceled or about one-hundred houses. Over four-hundred plant employees were laid off or fired. Early part of 2010,the plant started a part of second shift.

      I don't think it's the "AIR CHILLER" that's the problem. If you do not have product you cannot sell product no matter if it's water or air chilled.

      When you say,"They burned some bridges with growers and some of the growers bankers" you are correct.

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