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  • gavgavmd gavgavmd Jan 19, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    We are sitting very sweet. Let us just say that we have a hedge fund run/owned by dahertrust that controls 22% of the float! That is @#$%@ huge. I'm not real experienced at this but lets look what will happen as long as reasonable crop in South America and North America. On market down days the computers that run indexes and vectors and etfs will be selling a certain bit of ppc stock to reflect averages. We will have no real volume and stock goes down because it doesn't take much volume to move stock down reflecting the computer percent selling. Desperate shorts will try to pick up computer selling only to be met by Mr. Hedge fund that will push price up. All on super low volume that relatively is cheap. On market up days the computers will be buying shares and shorts will need to push this up to generate real sellors because of small volume. (This is how I see it, but then again I'm just a doctor/lawyer with no real hedge fund experience. Just a small guy in America).

    Dahertrust has been here for a long time. He likely has positions bought in the 4 and 5 range so his cost basis is in the mid-6's. Men like him, as I see it, don't come around too often. They simply know how to make money. They make money when they are young, leverage that to make more money, and they keep doing that. They ring the bell at the NY stock exchange, they know how things work. They know how to make money at other peoples expense. That is how the world works. Dahertrust has real businesses that provides real goods and services and a hedge fund business that multiplies his wealth by way of leverage and smarts. Dahertrust, as long as Pilgrims Pride executes, will use this leverage to push stock higher. Dahertrust likely sees Pilgrims Pride capturing the lost market cap (was 4.1 billion at peak) this year and exceeding that by 5 to 700 million. It is hard to argue with a man who owns 22% of the float. If I were you, don't sell at any particular price target. Watch the volume. Low volume has aways been good for this stock. As long as there is low volume, this stock is simply going to melt up.

    JBS has certain issues now because either they will need to make a tender on the stock or work a merger soon to get the remaining shares cheap. The way I see it, however, is that JBS has grown by leverage and smarts with real goods and services very much like Dahertrust. JBS will use PPC soon to be market cap of 4-5 billion to leverage that strength into something real good. Enjoy the ride. Batista and Dahertrust should have dinner together, I would love to be there. Why don't they meet at The Oak of Dallas...(I'll pay for meal/drinks at a discount because I'm a part owner). I won't talk, but simply will sit, listen, and learn.

    Enjoy the weekend. Remember there is nothing more important than enjoying your family and health.


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    • GAV: You make a GREAT "CASE".... I can only read the Agri-stat Numbers..... PPC MADE $$$ Last Quarter..... The Net loss carry-forward is worth More Now !!! ( increased Corp Income tax rates).... The Stars are "LOOKING GOOD".... As fer Me.... Wow... I am loading a NEW HARD DRIVE.... IT AINT FUN....But I am Learning a lot.... CREW: PPC has... Now reached it's 52 week high... But It should go higher....If they POST A GOOD YEAR!!!! Wildman. Ps. As Always... Sell based on your NEEDS.... BUT....!!!! Figure those Tax angles...Wm.

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