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  • rchites rchites May 4, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

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    People have spent the last year and a half digging into the players, companies, and history of the ongoing battle for the living room, cell and mobile TV . To see where television could go next asl ((APPLE))) GOOGLE GLASS or a watchABLE watch? Almost every major player in the tech space is competing to disrupt the space, but even the best minds at Apple, Microsoft, Google, Sony, and Amazon haven’t been able to figure it out. Some have a little nitch in the different spaces and have customers from them all....... HMmmmmm..... Some were 20 dollar stocks at one time and fell back to todays 3.6!!!!!!!! unbelievable. Microsoft’s planning a set-top box in 2013, and there's always the ever-present rumor of a TV from Apple on the horizon. LOOK OUT for GOOGLE fiber testing in KC......... Dont trip with BRINs Google glasses on when you watch TV and walk at the same time...... No matter the platform many will be using a SYNC start page.

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      • Agreed, even Zinga who is already drawing revs from over-seas, but it is not evident yet how much falls to the bottom , and they are using syncs platform. Verizon deal, same thing, how much will it add up to? My feeling is if you have time and invest now you can't loose with sync, question is how much time? Well revs from the two aforementioned should start to be countable in q2 but I'm wondering if syncs q1 numbers will get any boost from the Zynga deal as the online gaming industry has been up and running through q1 overseas and in a small nuber of states here. It has to translate to something and anything added on might be the difference betweeen a beat or miss on May 6th as a penny is the high end and o.oo is the low end forecasted eps, but down from last yrs .04 which should be already baked in and reflected in the anemic pps. Revs low end is 28.7m, high end is 29.6 with last yr coming in at 30.67m. So with these very tight numbers in mind, anything added on could be a game changer and an opportunity to guide up, on the other hand if nothing trickles down and sync's numbers are at the low end or worse we could see one of the best buying opportnities of our lifetimes unfold as ivestors will becomw even more unpatient with sync. GLTA

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