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    HURN even can default on money to pay fine ???

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    • This is not good. There are articles in WSJ.

    • This company be boxed, and dumped in Atlantic for corruption......

    • In case you didn't understand, Dead Flounder is you, so read the article then tell me how their business will be unaffected.

    • Milder, they are going to pay their lawyers (maybe even use some in house lawyers already on payroll) the same way every company pays when they get slapped with shareholder lawsuits and that is with CASHFLOW from their current receivables and their ongoing business....Are you seriously thinking that the millions in cash they have now will be all the resources to pay bills or that hiring an atty will even cost $10 million?

      I think it's a good speculation to buy under $14, what do you think short it here? Let's see who is right in a week or a month or a year, ok?

    • Just how long do you think their measly stash of cash will keep their lawyers going?

    • Milder, you need to pay attention before calling names. I never said they wouldn't have legal fees with their atty, I said they would have to pay any claims or settlement for years if they choose to. GET IT?

    • "HURN can fight any lawsuits and doesn't have to pay any money for years if ever"

      Right, their lawyers won't bill them. You're a nutcase.

    • Jumpy, those concerns are ALL this job market, it's not that easy to just leave for a competitor especially since you would be first to lose your job if layoffs occurred at your new job. Also, most corporations who would be signing new contracts are not traders following the stock or even care about an accounting issue with HURN especially if they like their acct exec and past work. HURN can fight any lawsuits and doesn't have to pay any money for years if ever and then they could appeal, and if they do settle it will be for peanuts compared to some exagerrated claim and will happen only if they agree to it.

      You should be looking at this as an opportunity to BUY a little while there is blood in the streets.

    • It's not the current contracts that should concern, it's closing sales on new contracts. Existing clients may think twice before extending or expanding work. Prospective clients will think twice before signing on.

      There will be money that needs to be paid to settle the suits and at the very least, this will impact the ability of partners and employees to get competitive bonuses. Huron's competitors will not be so constrained and the attraction to jump ship is going to be high.

      Lost work, layoffs, executives jumping ship will make for challenging times at a minimum.

    • No actually contracts can't just be cancelled anytime and without penalty. Most of their clients have nothing to do with this issue and you can't just cancel and probably won't even care to just because something happened that has nothing to do with your company or the perfromance under the terms of the contract. Some of you guys are really exagerating the reality of this situation. The stock is already down huge and held up very well today. I think it's forming a base before people come to their senses and realize they still have employees going to work everyday and racking up billable hours. Under $14 this stock has considerable upside in my opinion.

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