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  • marketposition marketposition Feb 16, 2012 2:29 AM Flag

    Souless creatures

    Sounds familiar Arrow employees?

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    • I disagree,I would refer them as Greedy Souless Creatures.

      The 'remaining' employees are isolated,abused,harassed,dehumanized and always subjected to the constant silent threat of losing their jobs,but what does it matter to Arrow?Long as the money is rolling in.

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      • and the money rolling in will help the senior management give themselves fat raises, while freezing the raises for the rest of the company. day light robbery.

      • Is it the gold standard??
        Employee files lawsuit against Infosys alleging visa misuse
        It looks like the entire noise over visas hasn't yet died down. In a lawsuit filed earlier this year, Jack 'Jay' Palmer - a principal consultant at Infosys, has alleged that he was asked to sign off on documents which said that workers were heading to the US to have meetings rather than work.

        He alleges this was done to 'creatively' overcome H1-B visa caps. He also says that once when he refused to sign the documents, he faced harrasement. Events seem to have taken a serious turn now with uUS Senator Grassley reportedly showing interest in the matter and asking for a homeland security investigation, reports CNBC-TV18’s Sunanda Jayasaleen.

        Here is a verbatim transcript of her comments on CNBC-TV18. Also watch the accompanying video.

        Infosys has informed the SEC as a part of its mandatory Form 20-F filing that they have seen a lawsuit by one of the US-based employees. We understand he has more of a consultative role. He has filed a lawsuit saying in his capacity as a manager he has seen some misuse of B-1 visas. Sources at Infosys say that there could be some material impact and therefore felt that it was best to mention it as a part of their SEC Filings.

        As a part of that SEC filing they said that it could be significant if there is an unfavorable opinion really that comes off that lawsuit. As a part of this, at the moment the rule that exists for B-1 visas which are short-term visas granted for about 3-4 months for work which is not necessarily paid directly. There is a lot of confusion really as to the guidelines.

        Sources say that there is a scope for misuse and hence the US Embassy has been working with NASSCOM to come up with a more firm set of guidelines. We understand that this framework could come maybe by the end of the year or early next year. There will be no cap per say for both B-1 and L-1 Visas which is the highly skilled work of visas. But a firm set of guidelines is just to who can use this and how companies can use these visas.

        What the alleged visa misuse is?

        Like I mentioned the visa permits employees to go to the US and work on say a consultation kind of a project where you are not necessarily getting paid for that work. Your company could get paid but you will not get paid which is as opposed to H1B Visas where employees get paid in dollar salaries mostly. What this employee has alleged in his lawsuit is that while he was there he was apparently asked to sign off on bringing certain employees from Infosys in India to the US on B-1 Visas where they would fill up that short-term H1B Visas cap because as we know there is a cap on H1B Visas. He said that when he protested that he did not want to sign off on that is when he was put under a lot of pressure and apparently he says he said some sort of discrimination.

        So that is where the lawsuit is arising out of but sources who I have spoken with outside of Infosys who understands this case say that they have gone through that lawsuit and that this lawsuit is a part of what he claims are contractual obligations which haven’t been met by Infosys and one of that is the fact that he says discrimination because he did not sign on these B-1 Visa misuse sort to speak.'

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