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  • dart39 dart39 Jan 12, 2000 9:10 PM Flag


    Revenue for the quarter was $12.6 million, up 4%
    from the $12.2 million achieved in the first fiscal
    quarter of 1999.

    "The first quarter is
    traditionally our weakest and the fact that we were able to
    grow revenues despite these wild cards is a tribute to
    the value our solutions provide."

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    • Louis Rukeyser believes a market change of less
      than plus or minus 5% to be neutral. That range is
      good enough for me. Less than 5% is no

      While I like to hear what management has to say about
      the quarterly numbers, I tend to filter out the
      "spin". The part you quoted was 90% spin.

      To be
      fair, I don't own RWAV right now (see post 3039). I
      think the price is too high for what I see (but I have
      been wrong lots of times).

    • Markettrend pointed out that the licensing revenue decreased - which DID happen; and is disturbing. Maint & Svc revenue increased so that overall revs were up the 4% Whoopee!

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      • to those concerned over license revenue, don't
        be. it is temporary, rwav is in the midst of shifting
        the licensing framework to capture a greater portion
        of the underlying market. this was stated on the
        conference call. the benefit here is the license revenue
        will no longer be fixed but present what is
        essentially a revenue sharing agreement. For instance,
        Vignette is selling a rwav product as part of their story
        server... under the old system rwav received a fixed fee,
        but under the new system they will receive a % for
        every story server sold which imho offers greater
        growth and visibility for the growth.

        The pieces
        they have in place and will put in place in the first
        half of this year will show it's fruits in the second
        half and beyond. This is a great time to accumulate.