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  • tgold106 tgold106 Sep 15, 2000 9:16 PM Flag

    i've done it and rwav investors should

    i emailed rwav today ...asked what are they doing
    to increase shareholder value...there has not been a
    press release in a month..rather then us telling each
    other its going up in 45 or 65 days...lets email rwav's
    ir department...i did it and hope that all longs do
    the same at will let you know
    what ir has to say, if they respond.

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    • email not only ir but all of upper

      their emails are simply

      so email keffer, jack, merle, et al.... if all of us
      do it they will see it is not only one or two upset
      shareholders but a mass...

      all i ask is for a
      direction, a strategy... how will our investment value be
      increased outside of the generic statements of growth etc.

    • I emailed them last week. No reply yet. Not a
      good sign for a company that bills itself as an
      ecommerce builder/visionary. Instead of asking them what
      they are doing to increase shareholder value I asked
      them what they think of, a division of
      O'Reilly that focuses on Open Source tools. As I said
      ActiveState mentions how many developers are visiting their
      site. I want to know how many developers are visiting
      RogueWave's site. Staying long, with Goldman Sachs, and
      hoping someone buys this puppy out for the expertise
      working there.