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  • mercado_ron mercado_ron Apr 17, 2006 1:19 PM Flag

    My Club Site Post - AVI & Barron's

    As some of you know, I posted here in the past, but once the Club was opened, it is simply a better forum as people post when there is SOMETHING to actually discuss. And of course, this board is dominated by a single person with multiple ID's that seems to have no life outside of this board. And, those that do know a lot about the science and the company waste a lot of time having to deal with his nonsense. I don't really have the time to do it nor to read 25 posts to find one or two valuable ones, but that's me.

    Dr. Lawler is one of the many so called "smart biotech" people with their PHD's and narrow minded focus. Take a close look at these guys and you will see how many of them have gone down the tubes on many a biotech or pharma. And, his comments make it clear that he has done LITTLE IF ANY research on AVI or the PMO. He is talking out his ass and his hedge fund buddies have all been in a shorting frenzy since the stock went above $8.

    These clowns believe AVI's chemistry is equivalent to ISIS and Genta. On Hep C, he is looking at the ISIS failure, which had the
    same target (IRES). Nerd has posted several times about all the many problems with the ISIS chemistry and how these issues impacted
    the results of their HEP C trial. AVI's PMO has no such issues.

    I can absolutely guarantee you that Dr. Lawless NEVER looked at the P450 studies, read the PLOS Ebola paper, the Nature Wilton DMD paper, reviewed the available pre-clinical data on the HCV trial, etc. He is just shooting off his mouth repeating what just about every major biotech money manager and analyst has been saying for years, which is that antisense has failed and AVI's chemistry specifically doesn't work.

    For years, these ding dongs said Resten-NG was a failed drug because the Medtronic deal fell apart. So, I guess they are smarter than
    the guys at Cook! The answer is they are not. They are all just repeating an old mantra without any real research, particulary of the latest data. Some of these guys will talk to researchers, including the folks at Genetools, and they are told that the PMO
    doesn't get into cells. Period!!! Thus, how could it get into liver cells to block IRES and get us a big log reduction???

    Maybe instead of talking to the people that don't know what they are talking about (cell culture guys), they should talk to Wilton and
    ask him how he happened to get PMO's and PPMO's into muscle cells (very tough to get into as they are densely packed). Not only did he get them into the cells, he got them into the nuclear compartment for pre-RNA splicing!!! And, as the press release and his paper makes clear, the effects persisted for "months". If this Dr. fund manager had even spent 2 hours on Pubmed, PLOS and Nature, he would and should feel like a moron!!!

    I guess the thousand or so mice USAMRIID tested against Ebola don't count as IN VIVO??? Mice have a very similar genome to humans. And, while our bodies and the various interactions are more complicated, which makes the job of targeting and optimization
    important, it in no way dimishes the reality that PMO's get into cells. I guess the primates suvived because somehow the PMO, which is basically stealth to the body, was able to do soemthing to an eveloped virus without getting into the infected cells? Please!!!!

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