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  • avii0ne avii0ne Jun 22, 2006 10:48 AM Flag

    LOW VOLUME why ?Any ideas !!


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    • Please ... let's not bring up bleaping-bad-Burger-behaviorisms....

    • unless they cross the"i" and put dot on "t"

    • If they dot the "i's" and cross the "t's" properly on this one, we'll have a blockbuster drug that will trump anything offered by J&J, Boston Scientific or Medtronic.

      Just a hunch says this one will work out splendidly.

    • ...but only as regards other words there could be devices that could benefit from Resten or applications of Resten in other medical situations....anything where the cmyc business needs to be shut down. i.e. AVI's CABG application for one.

    • Thanks Red. I agree the microparticle delivery system is an excellent way to avoid the coating issue(s).

      Was Medtronic not given the option to develop the Restin MP technology? Or was AVII's original intent pretty much to try and keep that in house?

      Or perhaps the Restin MP technology was not as developed (as it is today) to have elicited much serious interest from Medtronics at the time?

    • It seems that if the cymc function is only doing it's bad thing in the first 48 hours after the stent's put in, having the drug sitting on a stent for a long time would be pointless anyway. But Red, tho Resten can be used with Medtronic or anyone's device, Cook has the rights for cardiovascular devices.

    • The MP technology is the way around the coating issue, and frankly this a quite clever on their part. This then prepares a single drug that can be used in multiple applications. In addition there are a number of material contact issues relative to drug stability and drug elution profile over a lenght of time. This allows for simple 'solution approach' in which the drug never contacts the stent or other 'grafts' etc. The stability of the drug then becomes just that, instead of being a far more materials science based issue. It is simple and elegant in this simplicity, and it obviates the very complex field of drug coated implants in which Boston Scientific, JnJ and others are having drawn out and costly battles. Finally and significantly this allows the drug to be used with any manufacturers product, this would include Medtronics in an odd twist as well.


    • They didn't 'decide' to pass. They were angled out by patents on drug eluting stents, and specifically on polymer coatings for use as the 'elution matrix'. They could not go forward they were blocked by access to key IP, it was not a choice based on clinical outcomes.


    • Thanks Joy. So has AVII on their own developed an adequate stent coating (which Medtronics failed to do)?

      The press release dated 3/13 stated:

      "Based upon promising Phase II clinical data in combating cardiovascular restenosis and progress in our drug�eluting stent and Resten�MP programs, AVI has now partnered its device�related cardiovascular programs..."

      The release is not clear. Has AVII accomplished what Medtronics failed to do?

      Or are they hoping Cook will ultimately succeed where AVII & Medtonics failed (adequate stent coating)?

      Or have they pretty much decided that the microparticle delivery system is now the best way to proceed?

    • I too am excited about the potential financial windfall which may result from the Cook deal. The thing which tempers my optimism, however, is that Medtronics originally had exclusive rights regarding Restin and ultimately decided to pass.

      Why is that? I realize that many intelligent organizations do erroneously pass on promising technology (look at IBM when Microsoft was first starting), but the question nonetheless begs to be asked (at least from my perspective).

      Has it ever been adequately explained by Burger or by Medtronics (or by Redplate or by Bionerd or by anyone at all with more understanding of the science than I) why Medtronics never followed through with the Restin product?

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