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  • rb_478 rb_478 May 22, 2007 3:30 PM Flag

    Thoughts on ASM?

    My own 2c: Didn't like Forrest's answer on the PIPE question and evasion of some other questions, but it was nice not to have to sit through one of BS artist Burger's performances for once. FWIW, it think the Board got the message. Let's see what they do now.

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    • Is it safe to assume that the ONLY realistic chance for a pop in the PPS is hinging on Cook for the foreseeable future?


    • I got an update from someone who was there. They said only a few questions were even allowed to be asked. Answers were long winded and not really to the point. Pipes are still an issue based on Forest's answer. Timins looked like his normal unhappy, cocky self. Former director asked the last question and said the culture at AVI needs to change and the board needs to change it. Everyone applauded. Trust asked the Pipe question as to how regular shareholders can avoid being dilluted by the deals and surprised by them. Heard Macary spoke to many members of management and board. Not sure what was said.

      Was hoping for some additional action or some new news. Same company, same info, different messenger. I hope the Trust isn't planning on giving up here. Doesn't sound like things are quite on track yet. But Burger being gone, you have to be happy about that. Timins still being there, that can't be good as he had to be a part of the problem. Sending Macary an e-mail tonight to get some feedback.

    • Anything mentioned about Cook at ASM?

    • This doesn't sound like Macary wants a lower share price as several of you have suggested.

    • "He also, presented very positive data (mouse) diabetes; type one, preclinical as part of the ESPRIT progress."

      Don't you think this would be worthy of a press release?? animal studies on a mouse with diabetes seems pretty SIGNIFICANT TO ME. Is that why the stock rallied in the afternoon???


    • Yes, thanks from me too as I was there last year and couldn't make the trip this year.

    • Give us the bottom line joy. I'm tired of being called Mudman and jbdrainman. I want to be a nice guy again. Do we have anything to look forward to? Is this board ready to act responsibly and in the interest of its shareholders? Is this company progressing its drug candidates?. Why is everything being moved to Eastern Europe and Russia? Why are they pre-investing in building space? What are they going to manufacture there? What are some of the milestones and deliverables we can look forward to over the coming year? Ar ethey going to change the way they communicate with shareholders? What, why, where? You got any answers?


    • the price has recovered, it was down to $2.92 (must have been a hiccup). sorry

    • Is there a reason why the shares are selling off after hours? Was there news that adversely affected the company?

    • Speaking for myself, I am as confident as ever in AVI's science. I continue to have a lot of reservations about current management and the BOD. Others??

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