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  • hopefullylong hopefullylong Oct 17, 2007 1:18 PM Flag

    Redplate & Trust Still Working Short Game.

    Stopped by the board today for a look at what is going on. Good to see that you and your multiple IDs are still working the short game on AVII. Such a nice rant on the current and former management of the company yesterday. Why would you ever want to be on the board of AVI when you and your trust buddies can make so much more money trashing the company after every rise in share price. You criticize others working the stock for pennies, while using your connections and information to work it for 35 to 50 cents. Myself and others on this board are hoping Cook will surprise your cadre of shorts and burn all of you.

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    • Hey I gave this 5 stars because I want people to see what a complete idiot you are. Fact is I am long now more shares than ever before, having doubled up at under 3 bucks over the summer. Seems from your post you are not invested here now however, and it seems interesting that you would make such accusations of somebody that is heavily heavily invested as I am. In my so called rant yesterday where exactly did I disparage people making pennies? If anyone is making money here I am glad for it, damn sure wish it was me. Here is the truth. I have bought AVII stock on a total of 6 occasions, and I have never sold one share, never mind the ridiculous suggestion that I am short in this stock or any stock for that matter.

      More of the black helicopter delusions eh?

      Oh almost forgot, have a great day.


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