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  • wggm wggm Sep 7, 2012 12:01 PM Flag

    Can anyone explain why it is taking so long to get final results?

    Given the small sample size, exactly what has to be done to process the results, and why is it taking so long? Thanks for any knowledgeable answers.

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    • 1. All those kids need to be scheduled & flown in to the clinic along with a parent.

      2. All of the tests needed to be completed (takes more than a day)

      3. all of the data needs assembling into the appropriate scientific data categories.

      4. Comparative analysis of all of the data to previously assembled data needs to be done.

      5. Same as above to previous comparable studies needs to be done.

      Findings are made & then rechecked several times by authoritative experts

      I am certain that I am missing and/or underestimating how these things are captured & then analysed.

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    • This is how I think you should look at it

      1. the 48 week data (every aspect of it) is "material information" in the context of Srpt

      2. the company actually will receive all of the basic data in one delivery package (just as it did with the 24 and 36 week data)

      3. although there is no exact legal guidance, a very reasonable assumption is that the company should be publicly releasing the basic data (which again is material information under applicable SEC rules) within not exceeding 96 hours of receiving it, this being on the basis that the company can dependably take some short period of time to analyze the data to ensure the accuracy of reporting it, yet not taking too long so as to invite a greater chance of its leaking prior to formal release

      4. the company has disclosed that it will be publilcly presenting the data on October 13 at the world bio event , which by definition means the company expects to receive the data sufficiently in front of October 13 so as to enable it to properly review the data before publicly releasing what the company believes the data shows

      5. the company saying it will present the data on October 13 does not necessarily mean that such presentation will the first time the data will be presented (the company said it would present the 24 week data on April 25 at the annual AAN, but the data was actually initially released by the company on April 2

      6. to state a truism, the data will be timely released by the company as soon as it receives the data, the exact date of which is unknown to investors and maybe even the company

      7. using past history as our guide, I think it a reasonable assumption that the company will receive and initially release the data at some date in the month of September

      8. I do not espouse to the view that the company has any of the data currently, and is sitting on it currently (I do believe the company probably "hears things" about the trial boys, and has obviously seen the public videos of some of the boys, but this is not "data")

      9. I bet the CEO is anxiously waiting for data just like rank and file investors are

      10. the 48 week data will surely be a watershed, binary event for the company, positive or negative

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      • i think he said they would handle the results as they have in the past; top line results will be released via pr within the sec mandated timieline; notice his phrasing about "full presentation" at the perth conference; implies top line results in accordance with sec guidelines and the full presentation of data at the conference

        we will get a pr when the results are rec'd

        joy brought up an interesting point; could srpt say "we'd like the results delivered on oct 7 for example, which would allow srpt to present the results both top line and full presentation at the conference?

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      • I thought I recall hearing Garabedian saying on a conference call that he will not be issuing a press release with the 48 week data prior to the Oct 13th presentation. If that's correct, then it would conflict with your expectation that the data will be released sometime in September. Right?

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