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  • jkadvd jkadvd Oct 3, 2012 9:35 AM Flag


    These are fantastic results -- the best that could be hoped for! The science has been fully de-risked at this point and is a proven major medical game changer. Genetic medicine that will revolutionize treatments and life. I know that might seem a bit of hyperbole but I see this whole thing going waaaaay beyond what we have seen today. True, there are manufacturing issues but those were there with penicillin many decades ago when it first started and we know what happened with penicillin!

    Chris has now proven his mgmt chops beyond any doubt in my book. He has come a long way since he started. He managed the shorts and slammed them down now multiple times with great data. The scientists -- Kole, Iverson, Weller, and the SRPT employees have come through as well and really stood behind this and made it happen.

    I am happy for all of us longs, especially the long term longs (I'm at 7 years holding and counting...). But I have to tell you the coolest thing about this some small way, we are a part of something that goes way beyond money. This drug saves lives and gives these boys a chance and hope. Real hope. Hard to measure that with money. And I don't want to even try.

    I am happiest for the long suffering DMD boys and their parents. I am sure the parents are investors in this stock in more ways than we can imagine. The courage of the boys and their parents to vest some of their hope on an experimental drug and get behind it the way that they have---truly amazing and a testament to the human spirit.

    This is just so damn amazing and cool! OK. I'll try to calm down now, take some meds, whatever... Naaaah! This is just too freaking great!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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