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  • jkadvd jkadvd Oct 9, 2012 4:26 AM Flag

    Every day its the same moronic brain dead bashing from ill informed stupid shorts...

    I wasn't going to do this but these shorts are so painfully stupid that its finally getting to me. Congrats shorts if you wanted to evoke this out of me -- you succeeded. I now appreciate the "better" quality shorts previously (back in the avii days) who occasionally actually had something useful to contribute--not very often but occasionally they would back up their opinions with some small amount of rational thought. Never thought I would say that.

    This latest about going back to the high teens ($18 or $19 seems to be a popular pick for them)--- is so irrational it boggles the mind! BEFORE the 48 week data the stock was trading at $15. So the market had decided that the stock was worth that. After the 48 week data release eteplirsen had been de-risked, met all primary study endpoint criteria, showed amazing clinical benefit.. and somehow according to the shorts on this board that is only worth perhaps $3/share or about 20% change in stock price after 36 week data.

    HUH? Anyone who can read and comprehend basic sentences in english and assign some modicum of improvement in DMD treatment to this drug would would wonder why such a small change is merited from such a significant advance. For a life threatening disease without anything else remotely approaching its efficacy or safety profile...EVER! What the shorts would have you believe is total nonsense.

    Let's see if I can capture the gist of the eloquence (gag!) of the shorts argument----"ummm, uhhh, it went up a whole bunch and um now it has to go down lots and lots! And some reports kind of agree with us but they are wrong because they think it should only go down a bit from here, NOT lots and lots. We know better -- its going down lots and lots because the data aren't valid, they aren't significant, the insurance companies won't pay, the FDA will force a full phase 3 before NDA so more DMD kids will suffer, And, oh yeah, GSK's drug is coming and that's it. We have divined all future market action and mark our words or you will be sorry (oh my god I am just sooooo scared). And actually the market, the world, and time itself actually stopped while waiting for us to deliver our pearls of short wisdom to you poor longs. But mostly because we say so. Down lots and lots and lots. Um, did we say lots and lots.?"

    If all you guys can do is coat-tail like lemmings and/or exaggerate/distort reports without one shred of original rational thought--man, you are WEAK!

    I realize I shouldn't feed idiotic crazy monkeys but this crap is unreal.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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