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  • belco_mc belco_mc Oct 18, 2012 2:17 PM Flag


    I'm guessing you may be the only person to be in a stock that goes from 3 to 45 but lost money on it cause you get negative when it drops a little and get happy and buy when it pops.

    Why else do you care so much everytime it pulls back a small amount relative to the advance?

    Lay off CG. He's done a great job communicating.

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    • Starfe is like the guy that thinks the coach of the team that just won a national championship is an idiot because his kid didn't play enough minutes. And every year thereafter that the coach doesn't win the national championship just reaffirms his belief the coach is an idiot. This CEO is hitting home run after home run and anyone who can't see that does not understand the stock market or how lowly this company was perceived before he took over. $45 was too much too quick. It will be back there soon enough but the momentum traders were destined to sell and the hedge funds shorting the stock were going to try to seize the moment. Now I am seizing the moment and buying more :)

      Starfe wants the company to put parents and Mendell on parade. They are certainly doing their part but they are not a pawn for investors.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • 45 to 25 is not a pullback but a disaster

      Mendell not getting his voice heard over here at WM was a crime

      Yes I owned warrants ans stock up to my eyeballs when it was trading at 60 cents

      I was buying those warrants hand over fist when it was at 12 to 25 cents

      But I think we can d better

      Where is the ATM news

      Typical CEO crap

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      • if you really made as much money as you suggest then you would understand that this is a volatile stock and the pull back is no big deal.

        I think you were buying back then. But, you don't seem to have the emotional fortitude to hold through down days.

        When a person cries in public on a yahoo message board every time the stock falls then you probably don't have the emotional stability to be a good investor.

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