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  • zwerp2000 zwerp2000 Oct 18, 2012 8:18 PM Flag

    In my opinion, two things may be going on behind the scenes

    I know many are not happy with CG's silence. However, there may be reasons for it. I find it interesting that the company would become so silent after releasing historic, never before seen results for a killer disease. The results are unprecedented and the company remains silent? Therefore, i am throwing out 2 possibilities as to why they are so quiet. Keep in mind, both may be going on at once:

    1. The company is already talking to the FDA and is working on accelerated approval with the agency. SRPT doesn't want to rock the boat and say anything that may #$%$ off the FDA and ruin the chances of them getting accelerated approval. I can't imagine the FDA is going to want to delay this treatment and I am sure the company, with the recent results are moving quicker than ever to get this to the market.

    2. They are working on a partnership. The company would have to be quiet as to not divulge information that would get them into serious trouble. Obviously any hint of something like this could create problems. I can't imagine big pharma isn't knocking down SRPT's door to do a deal. This is a disease that has not had a real treatment. Now a small company has developed one that Dr. Mendell says is a ground breaking treatment. You don't think big pharma wants a piece of it. I bet they are working on something right now. The company didn't want to discuss the idea of a partnership at Wedbush. They have to be careful what they say. I bet Wedbush knows what is going on. Why else wouldn't they ask SRPT about it. They know.

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    • One point that seems to have been missed on this message board - they received accelerated approval on both Marburg and Ebola treatments. Is it not true that the accelerated approval vouchers are transferable, often at huge prices? I've heard numbers of $50 to $100M kicked around. if so, wouldn't they be better off selling a voucher and using that cash for ongoing development? Factor in a partnership along with early approval, and you've really got something to look forward to.

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    • Public meetings and private meetings .Think about that

    • When companies have game changing drugs in development big pharma acts quickly. GILD bought Pharmasset for $11 billion last year when their lead drug was only in Phase II & only several weeks after new data was revealed at a scientific meeting. Several companies were fighting to spend billions on an unproven drug which later turned out to have significant weaknesses. The same thing could be going on with SRPT, companies are given access to clinical data & negotiations can take place surprisingly fast. Technology like this doesn't come around very often & you can bet big pharma wants in especially when its on sale.

    • z, i agree on the first idea for sure; srpt said on the last conference call that they would be meeting with the fda later in the year to determine the path forward; i think those talks are going on now and is one of the reasons that we didn't see a pr on the results; as you pointed out, complete silence on the most historic event in the history of the company; also, some event whether it's talks with the fda or possile partnership talks very well could be the reaason there has been no secondary as srpt expects the stock to be much higher in the near future; the atm which has been accessed, i believe, gives them this luxury

      as for the partnership, why would srpt be in talks now, especially if they are also talking to the fda about accelerated approval? any and i mean any indication that the fda would grant early approval, skyrockets the stock; that's when you strike the deal for the partnership or perhaps sell the company

      drop dead date for quarterly report/call is nov 15;anything could happen leading up to that

      the next pr from the company is probably going to be pretty earth shattering
      thanks, gl z

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    • Both opinions are unfounded. Just sell this thing and go away. We will go bankrupt keeping this one. Be careful.

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    • Many have this in mind. Why only few jump to buy on that level?

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    • He can't say anthing!!! They are in a quite period!!!! Wake up, earning are the 29th of the month. The CEO can't say anything. Please!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I concur!

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