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  • belco_mc belco_mc Nov 1, 2012 9:44 AM Flag

    Partnership talk

    For all of you relatively new investors here, talk of a partnership isn't new. CG has stated he's open to a partnership for a long time. I know it was at least early this year that I recall it, and probably longer than that.

    When he shifted his wording to say he was open to an ex-US partnership after the good data came out, he was effectively saying that he wasn't going to partner unless someone made an offer he couldn't refuse.

    He is staying independent. It's the best risk/reward, but also with the most volatility.

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    • And you know that a large pharma hasn't made an offer he couldn't refuse how? It's been awfully quiet since Perth, but from up high on your pedestal, you are certain that such an offer has not been presented? I think not.

      Yes, he has stated more than once, he would be open to an Ex US deal. Were that to happen, the financial path towards actual revenues would be far different as compared to SRPT doing it alone. Regardless, whether alone or with a partner, SRPT is going to have real cash flow in about a year.
      What deal CG thinks is best remains to be seen.

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