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  • mauouo mauouo Nov 7, 2012 4:17 AM Flag

    Congratulations Mr. President !

    A deserved victory.
    God bless America and the World.

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    • How about drug testing!?

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    • All the negativity surrounding President Obama is based on racism. From the first day the wing nuts of the right did their best to obstruct everything Obama tried to do. The fact is that Obama and his team were smarter than Romney and his team and WON!

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    • Now pay WAY more on your gains. Like more tax ? Why not sell now at 15 percent?

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    • yes and if there really was a god he would bless of all nations the USA.

    • Blessed land is not asleep and is not fooled.

    • Well, you'll see the market slowly disintegrate into the end of the year before the rise in cap gains rates kicks in!


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      • I have to laugh..most of the poor are children...first of all,don't bring children intone world if you can't afford them..I laugh,go look 75 percent of black America children fathers are most minorities it is the same..all you Obama people have no idea what you did...47 percent of America is on some sort of govt assistance..within a year over 50 percent..can you say socialism...I want born with a silver spoon and I started 4 businesses...get off your lazy #$%$ and go I have to pay more,which I already am at a huge amount,because Obama gave you 2 years of unemployment..there is a lot of jobs out there..but why should they work when us good Americans will fund welfare and unemployment and then you can sneak around working for cash under the know what,there is nothing you can say to me because I am living the American dream and the money you get for doing nothing is a joke....

    • I do not myself believe in giving away peoples monies that work 60hrs a week to people that do not want to work ''used by the tax system'' I do believe in hard work and being awarded by the monies that come from that by your own merit.''without the heavy taxes pushed upon us for that hard work'' just one reason ,I also believe that i will support my leader even if i strongly disagree with that type of party.A good American will be a good Citizen .

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      • I also don't believe that America should support people that don't want to work. That's why Clinton added the work requirement to welfare recipients. Truth is, those, that most unemployed Americans do want to work. The Republican party and its PACs want America to believe something different. Fact - most poor people are children. Should America ignore them? There is also a significant segment of unemployed adults that can't work because of disability, both physical and mental. I've seen enough diatribe of right wing Republicans say that America should not support them, either - "The strong will survive, the weak will perish" - they have said. I don't believe in that philosophy. If you are an American adult, and can work, the government should not prop you up. If you are an American adult, and can't work through no fault of your own, then the American government should help you. If you are an American child living in poverty, American should not turn its back on you. I have worked hard all my life, and I will not turn my back on those who can not help themselves.

    • Really...wait till you you see your company drop their health care plan. Will you post that day? But a deserved victory? What ideas did he run on? Punish the rich, gimme stuff? I can't wait to see the more "flexibility" he'll have now in negotiating with Russia.

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      • American patriot forever wrote: "ee, your grade is an "F". America voted, Obama is America's choice. Can't handle it? Then leave. America doesn't want or need you or your kind."

        I can only imagine joy you felt when you pressed post after penning this masterpiece. I mean, look at the depth, grammar and poetic style you used to not only rebuke the points I made about Obama not running on ANY ideas, or what you're going to do when you're company DROPS your health insurance plan (assuming you work for a living).

        But what I think is more valuable to us than your previous pearl of wisdom is the fact that showed all of us how the average Democrat truly feels about Bipartisanship. You actually said "America doesn't want or need your kind" and that I can leave the country? Why, because I called this man out for the fraud I believe he is? Funny, I thought liberals were the party of tolerance and acceptance?

        Side note: I'm a West Point graduate, former army officer and was wounded overseas in combat. Still think America doesn't want or need "my kind"?

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      • When you divide people is when you can take advantage ...''the rich '' you poor people and middle class''

        this is how they win'' joe makes 50 million a year he pays no taxes''lie''

        mary makes 20,000 a year and paying all the taxes''lie''

        if you tax people that work hard to much they to will give up one day because it is easy to do nothing and get everything easy.

      • ee, your grade is an "F". America voted, Obama is America's choice. Can't handle it? Then leave. America doesn't want or need you or your kind.

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