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  • starfe11 starfe11 Feb 14, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    I may have been right. 25.86


    i think he's up for the challenge

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    • yeah, starfe - you are easily the most annoying poster here, far eclipsing johnkeelllllyyzzzzzzz. truly an idiot!!

    • You starfe are one of the useless manipulatiors on this board who provide zero information of value. I rarely put anyone on ignore but you will be the exception. This CEO is very smart and knows all the right things to say. His priority is focusing on AA and the FDA meeting. I thought his statement after the twitter thing was absolutely perfect.

      Furthermore, his experience in the biotech field is exceptional. Although he's not an MD or Phd, he is an intelligent businessman who knows how to run a successful company. You on the other hand probably can not name a single positive thing you've accomplished your entire life.

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      • I think this CEO wants the company to remain independent.
        Whether that is good or bad only time will tell.

      • Cameroninbaghdad, Your praise of the current CEO is revisionist history. When he took over 2 years ago he conducted the largest secondary placement in Avi Biopharma's history [20 million shares]. This brought the total outstanding shares to 136 million. In January 2012 he tried to conduct another huge secondary but was shot down by the BOD. He was told to scale down expenses and personnel before attempting to raise money. He did. He then attempted to convince shareholders that he needed to conduct a reverse split to avoid delisting. This sales job was performed within 30 days of the original delisting notice. Any investor with any knowledge of the delisting process knows that with "appeals", it takes at least 9 months to be delisted off the nasdaq exchange. Early on this process [April 2012] he finds out that patients in the ongoing exon 51 trial performed extraordinarily well in their 6MWT. He pulls off the R/S and then announces the clinical outcomes of the 6MWT. The stock post-split goes from $3.5 to $45 pps He was now able to raise money while lying to longterm shareholders regarding a delisting. I argue that shareholders at the time of the R/S would have done better if the R/S was never conducted and the clinical outcomes were just released. The shareholders that never heard of AVII/SRPT before this news obviously disagree. Your characterization of CG as some great CEO is laughable. He had nothing to do with the development of this platform until the design of the ongoing Phase II trial. He decided to enroll only a handful of patients. This was his decision. This one fact is why WallStreet is betting against AA. I believe SRPT will be granted AA but not because of CG. It will because of 2 issues that are being overlooked. Besides the good data of 8 [+ 4 placebo] patients, the new law that went into affect in 2013 and empathy for the young boys who are faced with the death sentence known as Duchennes. By the way, CG's BA in Marketing doesn't make him an "intelligent business man" as you characterize him. He reminds me of the, now departed, "Oxyclean", late night, TV salesman. Nothing more.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • It's easy to lose it when you watch every tick of a stock. As for me, I've been trading the dips. Worked well the last 3 months. Pay not attention to starfe- ll he does is whine all the time. The more he whines, the more you know it's time to buy.....

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      • we beg to differ

        you cant get your head out of his #$%$br />

        and i cant get in it

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