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  • iyad_joebadra_inc Mar 13, 2013 6:58 PM Flag


    Cover while you can ...........this baby is about to explode do you like that loser kelly ? those pennies you made a while back didn't go far. This soon to be fda approved break-through drug is the real deal

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • the little shorts the kelly nickels boys

      big money..............they already made their hay and tjhey'll still cover with an overall profit

    • keep tellin urself that

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      • Hey Johnny wire mommy for more funds soon the flood gates will open

      • I owned ARNA for a while and I suspect a similar situation will play out here. Arena was heavily shorted and after having a positive advisory committee the stock went from $2 to $6 then sat there for a while. Eventually the stock started having massive gains running from $6 to $12 in a very short amount of time, sometimes gaining a whole $1 on good days. All the action was indeed a short squeeze. Shorts were covering and eventually new shorts took positions when it was between $8-$12. The stock is currently at $8 with a hefty short interest to this day.

        SRPT will start moving in the next couple weeks, may get a little squeeze to $40, but more likey to mid 30s. Once news of AA comes it will undoubtably rocket to over 50, more likely 55-65. I then suspect the stock to sell off and have a quiet period after which shorts get the idea and this squeezes to $100+. This may sound ridiculous but a squeeze to $100 would still only be a $3 billion market cap.

        The point of the story is that although this will shoot up and very likely consolidate back down after AA is granted, by no means would it be time to sell completely. I will ate some profits and buy Jan 2014 puts and ride this thing out. Compare this stock to Alexion and who know what I mean. If it had an $18 billion market cap it would be worth over $600 per share. At that price I'd have around $18 million. Don't let Jonzfock sway you, he know what he's dealing with here. If this wasnt a legit money making explosive potential stock people like Jonzfock wouldn't be at this board. Go look at the IRWD message board, worst over priced biotech stock ever and it's like a freaking ghost town over there. That's because the real manipulators are here with this one. I personally like seeing people like Jonzfock around, it assures me I've got the right stock because the goons sent there man to terrorize the public by saying "LMFAOOOO! WEEEEE! TIMBERRRR!" every time the stock is down 30 cents.

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