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  • entropytrader entropytrader Mar 21, 2013 11:18 AM Flag


    when global banking holidays and bank failures in Cyprus lead to
    Systemic risk and failure of us banks your srpt shares
    Will not be safe.

    Longs calling for shares in advance of FDA decision
    Shorts in a world of pain as investors make bank runs globally

    Call for your shares
    Before the are lost to a banking "holiday"

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    • ramelvin Mar 22, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

      Ok...will call. Thanks for heads up!

    • This is just flat wrong on so many levels it's hard to know where to start. First, as anyone who has been trading for more than a nanosecond SHOULD know, the ONLY way to ensure that shares cannot be used for borrowing is to hold them in a cash account. Second, if you do hold shares in a cash account, there is NO advantage (and there are several disadvantages) to physically holding share certificates. Any long who did call for shares in advance of any catalyst, for example, would be unable to trade those shares in time to capitalize on that catalyst.

      Secondly, retail shares are a very small percentage of shares available for borrowing; holding those shares back will not materially effect the short-selling process (many of the institutional shorts borrow shares from themselves in any event, and many of the HFT shorts are naked and NEVER cover because it's virtually impossible for the SEC to enforce regulations in the HFT arena). These are just some of the reasons that the great mythical "short squeeze" so rarely develops - the institutions are just not leveraged enough to have to respond to even sustained runs in price (unless someone screws up royally).

      What you CAN do to protect yourself is to remove stop-losses from any shares that you hold in order to prevent stop-loss cascades - or at least prevent your shares from being snapped up as the result of a stop loss trigger. If you are opposed in principle to share borrowing, hold your shares in a cash account.

      Last: Cyprus? Really??? Cyprus is one in a long line of "crises" which the major financial institutions count on in order to hedge their positions. The whole London Whale thing was the result of a phenomenally badly managed bet that the Euro was going to tank last spring. Get a grip.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Call for your broker and tell them to send the phaical shares to the transfer
      Agent you can get physical shares
      Markets and banks at risk. Another Cyprus like event
      And your srpt shares could be lost

      By a banking 'holiday'

      Fiat shares on banks balance sheet are sure way
      To be cleaned out

      Get shares


    • I've been long before name change, Your post is stupid!!!!

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