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  • bionerd51 bionerd51 Mar 24, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

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    I agree, isis should be commended for convincing Big Pharma and WallStreet that they are the dominant players in the antisense space. there are 2 reasons for this. First is the large patent portfolio they have. Second and more importantly is that a highly charge AO, like the 2'MOE easily enters cells when tested in cell systems. They attach to {+} charged molecules and achieve greater deliverability in these systems. David Stein, the father of modern-day antisense development, once said they he has never seen a drug that had poor deliverability in a cell system and good deliverability in a systemically delivered multicelluar complex organism. Until the PMO . 2'MOE's perform better in cell systems but get creamed in humans. This is what has held the PMO back in the world of WallStreet and Big Pharma. Glaxo chose prosensa's 2'OME for this very reason. Boy, were they wrong. What is really dumbfounding is that they [Wallstreet/big pharma] they still don't get it. How can an AO like the PMO or PMO+ achieve close to a 7LOG10 viral RNA reduction versus some viruses and they still don't get it. i have seen some of isis's early antiviral preclinical studies and they were pathetic. When will they catch on? They should read this message board.

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