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  • simp08801 simp08801 Mar 28, 2013 2:09 PM Flag

    then and now

    I see the new mantra is that the stock is getting tired and that AA is already priced in (this is my favorite)

    lets review a little history


    Srpt went to $45 on a public release of company P2 data

    there was ZERO input from FDA on that data release, nor was there any FDA input on any Srpt dmd data prior to that

    so again, the stock went to 45 without a single solitary hint of anything from the FDA


    we have the exact opposite situation

    whenever it is (between now and April 22ish) that Srpt publicly discloses its next steps to progress A-4658, those next steps will have been materially (if not exclusively) guided by FDA

    so lets assume, as the long investors AND the dmd families hope, that the company discloses it is moving forward with an AA app, the finance market will then KNOW (as in 100% KNOW) that the FDA winked positively on the issue to Srpt


    just back to 45ish?

    oh no the stock is too tired?

    bla bla bla?

    I think not


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    • I love it when you talk like that Simp....... And I agree, there's gonna be a very significant pop if AA app is filed.

    • The 1 fact whicu are ignoring, is that over night this stock went from 14 dollars directly into the forties, causing a huge and urgent short squeeze. This time there is plenty of warning giving the shorts a chance to cover in a very orderly fashion. This creates a big difference in movement, short term

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to mjrruby2000000
      • mjrubby, this stock was so far under the radar 6 months ago, it is hard to believe that a true short squeeze was the sole reason for the spike. I think the volume following that first dramatic DMD unveiling was the result of new buyers, then obviously a subsequent quick trade profit take in the 40's. SRPT prior to Cramer etc... was a no name. Your point is well taken that since SRPT is on the radar, gap ups will be a bit more controlled and both shorts and longs.

      • Except that short interest went up significantly as of March 15. 29% are now short. If shorts intended on covering prior to AA decision, the amount wouldn't keep increasing going into news of a decision on AA filing. It was a no brainer that there'd be a run-up to this decision since we were given a definitive date on when to expect it. Nope, shorts aren't scared; they're just dumb.

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