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  • manuel_robinson manuel_robinson Apr 3, 2013 7:36 AM Flag


    This Company was first called Neo Therapeutics. I should know because my firm took them public. This is my first post. Many of you characters have no idea how to write, examples. Some of you use to when it should be too or there when it should be their.This is the modern world where grammar and punctuation are not important, however it speaks volumes about you.I can picture some of you missing teeth and writing in your pajamas.I am a strong advocate of SRPT.

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    • First it was AntiVirals Inc, then AVI BioPharma Inc, now Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. It doesn't help that the Reuters article got it wrong: " that began life as AVI Biopharma in Corvallis, Oregon, 33 years ago".

    • Dude- go back to your english professor job- we don't need a board spell and grammar checker. If you have some helpful info, please share. Otherwise, please keep your posts to yourself, there are enough a-holes on this board already........

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    • People usually judge others to cover up their own low self esteem.
      Do yourself a favor and dont picture some of us missing our pajamas!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Manuel. I don't post too often either, but on reading your post I wonder what is the point of it? Are you writing because your 'firm took them public', and establishing your lofty credentials among the posters here, or are you writing to bemoan modern communications standards and take the literary high ground among the folk here?

      Whichever it is you come across as a pompous clown. Your SRPT/ Neo 'credentials' really count for nothing based on your first post, and are annulled by your own bad grammar. You are correct; it does speak volumes about you.

      Let's take a random example shall we? Let's look at the incorrect construction of the sentence 'Many of you characters have no idea how to write, examples.'. To put across such a sentiment in a grammatically correct fashion, one would surely use the period after the word 'write', and begin the next passage with a new sentence and capital letter 'E'. Example: Examples:

      Where I went to school, we also put spaces between a full stop (period) and the subsequent sentence, but obviously I was poorly educated.

      Before you start berating people here about their grammar, perhaps you should pay a little more attention to your own.

      I can picture you as an overweight self-important balloon, with a large red nose and a food stained tie. You are wearing worn-out shoes and have a philandering wife who is popular among your friends at the golf club.

    • viper18411 Apr 3, 2013 7:51 AM Flag

      you are 100 % right.

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      • viper18411 Apr 3, 2013 8:01 AM Flag

        also you might notice this sight is full of racists,anti-semites and just plain disgusting people.Some of these are juwkelly,lrdk11,copphiggins aka punkhigginsaka aka cabron, starfe, Ssome of the good people here are bionerd(the most intelligent one here) gary,ruby,cohen,simpson,bud.Watch the posts for a few days.You'll find out for yourself ,especially the self agrandizing ones.Enjoy your stay

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