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  • usagary1 usagary1 Apr 4, 2013 2:45 PM Flag



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    • True investors know you invest in stocks for one reason and one reason only, profit.....not to demonstrate unflinching loyalty to a company or show you're true. To profit at some point you must sell what you previously brought.....If that whole process happens over 5 hours or 5 years what difference does that make? Sometimes you can employ different strategies on the same stock....hold a long position and then a hold a position you trade in and out of. There has been a lot of money to make on SRPT the last few months even if you ultimately believe we're going way higher (I do) why not trade in and out and make money along the way? If you're true and long, the price gyrations caused by short-term trading don't ultimately affect you anyway, right? I've stayed "true and long" on this one because I think we're going higher and soon, but in reality I was stupid not to trade in and out a bit along the way and bank some profit....Now I think it's too late as this stock will change materially, one way or another, very soon

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    • I am a buy and hold guy, do my research and dive in trying to get in at different amounts... I have been a trader and yes it was exciting until I realized I traded in and out to the tune of $750,000 on margins and the likes but never slept well as I shorted, and I went short term gains, taxes were a mess (this does not matter to many it does to me a gain is not a gain unless I clear taxes) and it was not worth it. I now buy and evaluate, if a company changes (like Dell a few years back) I get out as it was not the company I bought into. I bought AVII in 2002, don't recall how I found it but lost my butt most of the years but always for some reason bought more to cost down ( to as low as 60 cents maybe less) something always kept me around and it was not a major holding as it is now. I respect traders, I even respect shorts, what I don't respect is posers (this board has many idiot's who hide behind names and keyboards) and liars... Will stay long and strong it’s my money and I think the message is a great one but that’s just me...

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      • sdijc Apr 4, 2013 4:29 PM Flag

        Yes, taxes are a big issue. As you say, it's not a profit until until after taxes. However, one cannot let taxes overweight your decisions. eg: I already had a realized gain in 2012 (over 200g on CRUS) When Oct 3rd hit, another 350g realized gain on SRPT would have meant a large tax bill, so I held, and saw my 350gain become 75G. Sickening. (it has comeback to where it's a push..had I sold @ $40 in 2012 and paid the taxes) , but I was lucky. A gain is ALWAYS better than a loss, no matter what the tax consequence. It is silly to ride a stock down in this day and age when you can sell immediately. This fact pushes more people into trading.

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    • sdijc Apr 4, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

      "Trader" is not a dirty word. A market needs them. If everyone bought and held, the market would be a very boring place with little volume. Trading also works if you have the time to do your homework. I do both and I have 3 cruises planned this year..(Not on Carnival) I love capitalism, monetary easing and O"Bama.. Got to go now to spend my food stamps. What a great country!!

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      • As long as you tell us that you do something when you do it i am ok with that.
        for example the guy below said about yesterday blah blah blah -- here is how it is with you guys -- if you sold and the aa is annouced and the stock goes up 20 bucks in the blink of an eye we never here that you sold at the high of the day yesterday -- all of you guys always buy at the bottom yesterdy the day before and sold at the high today -- you are all bs artist and that is why the longs beat you up.

      • Thank you. Every time I tell someone I'm hopping in our out of SRPT they tell me I'm #$%$ and to get lost. Don't get it. Anyway, I sold and bot back yesterday. Got lucky- comes with experience. My FNSR popped today (thank God) and I'm also in SNDK and RFMD for earnings plays coming up. Scooped 5k RVLT a few minutes ago a shade over $2. What else you like for trades? Tx...

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