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  • viper18411 Apr 13, 2013 8:14 AM Flag

    new barrons article on page 18

    excellent article for serepta.says prosensahas releasesdata from its own clinical trial indicating that its product is less effective than sereptas.the serepta data shows that its drug eteplirsenappears to have halted the diseases progression,without adverse side effects. it says sarepta will get guidance from fda by end of mid may co. is expected to announcewhether it will seek AA.the street now appearsto be putting a better than 50-50 chance on AA.there is pressure on the fda from parents of boys with dmd t allow the drug on the market as soon as possible.Enjoy the weekend my fellow sereptilians.

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    • more from Andrw Bary's Barrons article:
      There normally wouldn't be much attention paid to a smallish biotech company like Sarepta, with modest revenue, no approved drugs, and a stock-market value of $1.3 billion. But eteplirsen could become one of the world's most lucrative "orphan-disease" drugs, with $500 million to $1 billion of annual global sales by the end of the decade.

      There is pressure on the FDA from parents of boys with DMD to allow eteplirsen on the market as soon as possible because lives depend on it. The ailment usually kills the afflicted by their mid-20s.

      Top FDA officials have met three times this year with the mothers of three boys with DMD. FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg spoke recently of a "powerful meeting" with DMD families "about what needs to be done to get innovative and life-saving medicines to them faster."

    • nice find

    • Very nice! Barrons has been supporting SRPT for a long time. Plus a slew of analysts plus Adam F. plus Cramer plus the DMD families ...

      Even if someone couldn't do their own DD and understand the science, this investment is a no brainer. But patience is and has been a must as in all investments.

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    • sdijc Apr 13, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

      Thanks Viper....

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    • And, again, what does the FDA have to lose when there are no safety issues at stake. These boys have no other hope! They can continue to monitor them through the AA process. No brainer!

    • The only thing that could prevent/delay an AA is a manufacturing issue, so unless the CEO has been minimizing the potential complications of getting up to "large-scale" production, AA should be a slam dunk.

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      • I agree..................but FDA still makes me nervous....................................even in spite of the overwhelming supporting evidence

      • sdijc Apr 13, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

        It sounds like this CEO is the type of guy NOT to minimize the LITTLE issue of manufacturing. I would be shocked if a guy like this didn't COMPLETELY understand how the science and manufacturing were equally important to his goal. It sounds like this guy is smart enough to have grabbed a partner by now if he felt there was ANY chance SRPT would come up short on the manufacturing end by itself. It's TOO big a scientific breakthrough to let the manufacturing screw it up....And the CEO obviously knows that.

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