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  • chembio1973 chembio1973 Jun 26, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    A higher share price before AA

    I really hope this gradual rise in share price continues before AA. (AA is my hopeful wish, one that I am reasonably confident on as I've followed many more knowlegeble people than myself) Whatever price jump we get, whether its 10 -15 points, or 30+, a higher jump off point really adds to our profit. I've never sold when we hit 40 the last few times because I feel so strongly that AA will yield a significant rise that I don't want to miss. Although it dropped to 25 -30 with a few hiccups ( the FDA asking for some more info), I didn't sell. Selling near 40 would have locked in some nice profits and buying back in at 25-30 to ride it back up would have been great,but I couldn't deal with the idea that AA could happen at any moment..missing a real big move.. You could argue I'm an investor and not a trader, but if AA wasn't such a tempting catalyst I probably would have done it. Anyhow I hope we continue to rise into the 40's before the news. If by chance AA doesn't occur it will also give us a higher point before the retracement. Being confident about the long term prospects of this drug and the technology of SRPT, even a retracement back to 25 wouldn't cause me to sell..I'd just have to be much more patient.

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    • I'm conflicted about adding to my position at this 40ish pps level. Seen it drop back so many times from here.

      What to do???

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      • I sympathize (depending on the basis and the size of your current holdings)... but... there may be lots of others on the sideline who would like to see the chance to buy lower as well. Remember, there are a LOT of shorts who would sure like to see a lower price to cover their very uncomfortable positions.

        So, any dwindling back into the mid 30's - - which i have been hoping for... is likely to viewed by the shorts as "resue territory" since virtually ALL short positions are underwater right now. This is going to make the hopes for anything below 35 slim, I suspect.

        I am out... a mixture of 36 to 37.70, and it feels almost as crummy as being short. I really thought that $32 to $35 would come again. I got distracted by that "$25 PTR" nonsense. Sure it could still happen... even sub $30 COULD happen.

        I am beginning to think that July 1-Dec 31 will likely NOT see below $36, and for that matter maybe not more than $46 either (this notion is one of the things that I tell myself... to console my regrets about being out these last 2 to 4 dollars)

        Who else feels like to trying to call the high and low for the second half of the year?

      • Glad I waited. "Might" have a chance of doing better than 40 tomorrow. ;^)

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      • Dlrdonno, if you believe in the company and in Accelkerated Approval being granted by the Fda, you should still buy. The stock price has room to go higher. You have to feel comftortable with your decision though. That's up to you.

      • If you don't have any shares, then buy 1/4 of your total here and hope it drops. If it climbs, at least you won't be left out. If it falls, that will be your chance to add more.

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      • Eat one banana per day.

    • You do realize you wrote that, not just thought it, right? Very helpful none-the-less.

      Anyone else want to get on the couch?

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