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  • elmaestro111 elmaestro111 Jul 4, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    constant diltuion with no news signals weakness, shorts will pounce -been waiting

    this company continues to raise and has no forward movement with approval. i dont blame them, as at $40 --this is a bit ahead of itself. the raise is questionable at best - 12 patient might be the issue and chris knows a Phs 3 will be required?? i like the srpt story but at 1 billion market cap a bit expensive imo. if this goes green the first trading day i would be impressed. i think $30 is re-tested. i like the company's long term prospects, gl.

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    • just the opposite.........................last July your types said name change and reverse split did not bode well..........the sky was falling...................keep trying shortstuff

    • I agree, the last time they diluted was at 25, bad sign, huge weakness lol. You did notice they didn't even set a set price, unlike last time.......

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Ah, Bergy, you moron..................still spewing your brand of BS? I bet your boss is soiling himself with the panic that is building in his gut. Seems to me, this isn't a sign of weakness, mostly because it's the exact same formula CG used last September, right before the tremendous move upward that occurred in early October. He didn't state a set price, because he knows that with all you short #$%$ hanging on, once you are forced to cover, he has no idea how high the share price will spike. You must be having trouble sleeping knowing how much pain is heading your way - well, your bosses way. I doubt you've got a pot to #$%$ in.

      • But if they did set a price shorts like yourself would say it's bad because the company isn't expecting higher prices later and thus believes no aa. Perhaps it's just simply a hedge by the company where they issue some shares now and then see what the FDA says later notvreally knowing what the FDA will say and thus not know whether the stock will be higher or lower in the near future. If they give the nod then less dilution because the stock price will be higher. I think people are making way too much about this.

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