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  • octaveus26 octaveus26 Jul 25, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

    Not trial size, its dystrophin

    Not a bash post. But its really not about the trial size. The key question is whether dystrophin will be accepted as a surrogate marker. We all have to remember that this is a novel approach and until that issue is born out the questions will remain. After all the ink that was spilled on this stock yesterday, I actually thought the blog posted by the Jett Foundation (Regulatory Update) explained it best. Ms. McSherry said that in a recent conversation with Dr. Woodcock, she informed them that the FDA wasn't opposed to considering dystrophin as a surrogate marker, they needed a way to quantify it. Circuling back to the conference call yesterday, cutting through all the ATM talk and the other nonessential BS, that was the real crux of the problem. The trial size doesn't change that one issue. Unless Dr. Woodcock is stringing the advocates along, to me this seems reasonable. Its really up to the company and the FDA to come to way to quantify it, and then SRPT will submit. Just my view. But I thought I would alert those investors (if you are a trader, no need to own the stock for now) of the post over at Jett and let those judge for themselves. I thought it was more informational then the call yesterday. No position in stock currently.

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