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  • simp08801 simp08801 Aug 22, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    RNAiAnalyst new blog slamming srpt today

    on twitter

    this guy does not like srpt

    and he is now graduating into hinting at the company management playing with its d numbers

    that photo mistake opened up the ability for bashers to start making such attacks

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    • I venture to guess this weakness is more attributable to this Minyanville article. Inaccuracies, goes as far as say SRPT will need to run a PH3 trial. Its amazing how intellectually dishonest the commentary around this stock has become. But I guess thats the game with this one now.

    • I am sure this has been debunked before, but is his latest post on the problems with IF junk science (not the +fibers vs. absolute levels of dystrophin argument, just why IF is not measuring +fibers correctly). Can someone please walk through why he is wrong? Many thanks.

    • Dirk Haussecker, a/k/a/ RNAi Analyst, a/k/a Dirk Raat from Genta board is not an analyst. Just another message board hack who is actually subcontracted out by GSK to bash Sarepta. Don't believe me just look back to a couple of his blog posts the day before GSK starting questioning how Sarepta counts dystrophin. I guess we could have counted the way GSK did. Run three quant. assay's and pick the highest total and don't reveal which test revealed what value. "New Wave" scientific method, I guess.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Max, Billy, and all the other boys on Eteplirsen for the last two years indicate that the SRPT data is accurate regardless of how desperate he is to malign SRPT. That, or they are experiencing the most incredible placebo effect ever seen. I'm going with, "Eteplirsen works" personally.

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