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  • simp08801 simp08801 Sep 28, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    tradevectors views are in the stock

    there are millions and millions of shares short this stock

    we all know this

    when you look at recent disclosures from rna and srpt, the common view is this stock should be over 50

    so why isnt it?

    because there are negative views, just like those being espoused by tradevector

    maybe he is a retail short, maybe he is an institutional short, maybe he is a writer baiting for info, maybe he has no position and is just a cranky scientist

    who care's

    views like his EXPLAIN why the stock is not 75 right now

    he is not the only person on earth with those views, or else 47 would have been a distant memory already

    personally, I am glad he is here espousing his views, as it helps us understand the total dynamic of srpt trading

    a clear signal from the FDA will be the next humongo step here to show the wind direction

    tradevector is currently floating on the same sea and in the same type of rudderless (FDAless) dinghy we are

    I hope he posts all weekend!

    me, I'm going fishing for snappers

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    • This hits the nail on the head.
      It’s the paranha effect of massive numbers of greedy traders!
      They talk in riddle’s, they repeat talking points for hours and days
      Until they have to retract them publicly like CITI did yesterday
      They get analystically twisted like Leerink did when the horse they bet on, RNA, broke a leg
      And like a good piranha they keep swarming right into the sharks mouth!
      Gotta love nature! BTW, I like snapper too!

    • i like the concept, the technology. i question data reporting. questions remain unresolved.

      • 2 Replies to tradevectors
      • Tradevectors,
        You seem a little freaked out. I get it. Huge losses looming due to a poorly thought short thesis can do that. There's NO COMPETITION, there's no toxicity too, and there is a clear impact, a POSITIVE one, on the disease progression. All the other BS you spew means little except that you're freaked about losing your #$%$ shorting the wrong company. Eteplirsen is going to be 1st to market, will own US, and ROW sales of over 1.2 Billion/yr, and will surely make it to market as soon as manufacturing allows.
        Take a Valium and consider covering before your losses make you even angrier.

      • Keep on remaining and you will either be broke or not make money you could have, my guess is you are stuck and know it . The best DMD scientists believe the data, so does the FDA or they wouldn't have ok'd an NDA. The science speaks for itself and the kids speak for the results. Have fun losing.

    • Simp-early bird - nice song.

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