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  • staz012 staz012 Sep 29, 2013 12:40 AM Flag

    One stupid question for longs?

    Out of the 12 DMD pts on SRPT drug.

    What do you guys think will happen to the stock price when one day you wake up and find out this news.

    The news: Something happened to one of the 12 boys on the active drug. Something could be any thing but mostly some side effect related to the drug....

    The point is you longs have no idea that even a slight bad thing happening to those small number of boys can ruin the stock. Any thing meaning any thing, even if its not related to the active drug.

    The risks are too high. Also remember shorts are more often right then wrong.....

    Disclosure: I am short by having 10 november puts at $40 strike price.

    This comment is not to influence any stock price as i barely have $2500 in the options which is nothing. I actually hope that this drugs really works and my $2500 is worthless compared to lives and quality for thoses DMD boys.

    This is just to stir some thoughts and comments from the longs. Hope you guys understand and respond responsibly .

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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