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  • sdijc Oct 11, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    WSJ poll out today says....54% to 31%, GOP is to blame

    For Gov't shutdown...I realize that the GOP hates FACTS, but dems the facts, brothers. And when you consider the hardliners are included in that 31%, it means MOST people RIGHTFULLY blame the GOP...GLTAL's

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    • blaming all wrong with the economy to Obama care is just wrong. The 40 hr work week has been decimated by the republicans/corporations the past decade.

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      • need more spinach.....................................the evil corporation from 1983 to 2008 helped unemployment to remain under 5.5 % on average..........even with a couple of years under Clinton and Bush 2 where there was "virtual full employment" according to the "unbiased " media.

        The fact that so much of Obamacare is open ended..............and even small and medium sized businesses cannot plan in two, five, or ten year increments since they cannot estimate what the costs will be...................................that is a fact.........................many "evil" corporations in 1997-1999 could not find enough quality employees to hire because unemployment was 4-4.2 %..........the so called virtual full employment..........cherry picking one sided "facts" does not help anyone............................all the shmucks in DC are responsible

    • I'm surprised it isn't more lop-sided--as of a day or so ago 100% of 'mainstream' TV and east/west coast papers' coverage blamed the GOP. Press conference with the Pres. and 0 questions about Obamacare? Leftist/prog. fever-swamp is the air that is breathed in culture/media and it doesn't take any thought to be able to parrot such. OTOH, it takes thinking and consideration of some foundational principles to go counter to such a tide. Rarely does the average person bother to ask the questions necessary to think and form opinions counter to such.

      IMO, such is the media malfeasance that if the Bill of Rights were being considered now, I question whether freedom of the press would be considered worth placing in it. I sometimes wonder why the DNC doesn't just buy the outlets to make it official, but then I realize they already 'own' them for free.

      Oh, and Joe, I wonder if you ever go back and read your posts--yours are filled with such vitriol that I can't believe you aren't embarrassed by much of what you post (if you have any sense of shame, that is.) The tone on the board would calm much if you'd stop posting--or at least quit posting about anything other than SRPT. You, more than any other make trying to come to this board difficult. Please do some introspection.


    • They're also to blame for the biotech sector tanking. Consider that, with the Affordable Care Act, a boost of 30 million or more in the number of potential clients for biotech therapeutics is expected, due to the expansion of health insurance to more Americans. Overturn the act and the sector stands to lose this additional pool.

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      • Mark Zandi, chief economist and cofounder of Moody's Analytics in testimony before Congress this morning...

        Washington's recent budget battles have been painful to watch and harmful to the economy. Political brinkmanship creates significant uncertainty and anxiety among consumers, businesses and investors, weighing on their willingness to spend, hire and invest.
        Despite this, the economic recovery is more than four years old, and the private economy has made enormous strides. Business balance sheets are about as strong as they have ever been, the banking system is well capitalized, and households have significantly reduced their debt loads. The private economy is on the verge of stronger growth, more jobs and lower unemployment.
        The key missing ingredient is Congress' willingness to fund the government and make sure all its bills can be paid. If policymakers can find a way to do these things in the next few days, almost regardless of how awkward the process is, the still-fragile recovery, will quickly become a self-sustaining expansion.
        We are close to finally breaking free from the black hole of the Great Recession. All it takes is for Washington to come together.

        A Republican advisor telling Congress that they are the problem
        From Calculated Risk Blog

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    • Left wing media has done there job!!!

    • viper18411 Oct 11, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

      cnbc just said republicans have a 24% favorability rating,lowest ever since they have taken polls

    • Wall street loved this shut down as they knew it would beat down stocks for a week or two then have a one day rally yesterday where any day trader could make 10% or more on his investment. Sounds like you weren't smart enough to think this through. Hello!!!! They are all to blame if you haven't fiqured that out yet.

    • they are vall to blame no matter the "poll"......................

    • they need to shut down 5 days per month every month and pay down the debt

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