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  • starfe11 starfe11 Oct 11, 2013 8:55 PM Flag

    All in all

    It was an interesting week

    I became a fully converted long in every aspect regarding the company

    I'm not so sure that's the best thing for the stock.

    Time will tell

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    • What exactly caused you to change your stance Star? Enquiring minds want to know.

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      • A disagreement with an aquatinence I blewup at last Sunday.

        And realization on Monday that the major charities were at fault for not backing CG when he laid all his cards on the table without any hidden agenda. Yes SRPT was given a spot at all conferences but something chAnged when Jenn showed up with her 170,000 signatures. Prosensa/GSK started getting much more attention from ppmd and cure. Then the 2nd bull in the china shop showed up Christine. Those 2 pushed ahead with Duchenne Allience and moved the ball faster and further then anytime in the past 40 years.

        So yes I realized this week Chris has been getting #$%$ around by all those so called friends.

        SRPT does not need their money anymore they need their SUPPORT.

        Pre Jenn ppmd used to do interviews and webinars with CG . Not one since Jenn came into the picture.

        SRPT's webinar next week should have been formulated by the charities but CG had to create and promote it himself

        "Skip ahead" alone deserved more attention then just a cut and paste from these so called friends.

        Fact is I was blinded that charities did nothing to help SRPT cause with the FDA

        They left jenn, Christine and the other 2 women to fend for themselves. Zero financial help and god knows what they said behind their backs.

        At the April ppmd conference jenn was told by the speaker from GSK that Austin would never see SRPT's drug.

        That should have been my wakeup call that the charities were bought and paid for by those 2 drug companies.

        Yes I screwed up and hurt the company

    • Now that your on our side , keep us informed you have contacts we don't.

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