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  • berrybill725 berrybill725 Feb 9, 2014 6:05 PM Flag

    Crazy Thought …. Sarah Palin


    For those inclined, a special prayer is warranted for the fathers of DMD boys who have sacrificed and suffered as much as anyone but in anonymity while the DMD community tells its story through the mouths and souls of the moms. Who can argue with that approach? Its logic and effectiveness is obvious.

    But that approach and the mention of Rand Paul got me thinking of Sarah Palin.

    Now, I now that the person who claims to have contacted Rand Paul is lying and desperate to slow down the share price momentum and I know that getting Sarah Palin involved in anything is not a sure fire way to gain credibility on an issue. Nonetheless, if PPMD and MDS are not going to get fully behind an apparently safe treatment for the boys, why not use Palin’s resources?

    Has a DMD organization contacted her?

    Doesn’t Palin claim to be a Momma Grizzly Bear when it comes to her kids?
    Doesn’t she have a special needs child?
    Doesn’t she detest unwarranted government interference?

    The boys will eventually get the drug without celebrity help, but any nudge/publicity she might give might be worth her taking credit ….. even though full credit goes to the DMD moms, the SRPT team and the brave pioneering boys.

    This topic is deleted.
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