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  • hwsimpsonshero hwsimpsonshero Feb 11, 2014 4:40 PM Flag

    Short interest shot up another 5% (or 600,000 shares)

    So much for all the theories out there about shorts covering. They aren't going to cover because they honestly don't believe eteplirsen works, even in the face of more than two years of stabilization of the P2 boys. The shorts are wrong, of course.

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    • I know something u don't know
      Pumpers on this board :"buy buy buy"
      Secretly, they "sell sell sell"
      Shorts on this board "sell sell sell"
      Openly they: sell sell sell

      I rate this post 2 thums down

    • The first thing to recognize is that shares are not votes bro. Also, a 600,000 increase in shares shorted is a trailing indicator since the data is at least 1-2 weeks old.

      Investors know that Hedge and Long/Short Institutional investors go long and short a basket of stocks so this is totally normal. Considering that the FDA has been uncertain about the regulatory path for Eteplirsen, a sizable short position is expected. One can assume that the past trend continues or one could assume that the direction will change. It's like this b!^(# (What Jesse Pinkerman says), markets and stocks don't maintain consistent tendencies or velocity except in very rare cases.

      People in general believe what they want to believe, especially ignorant people hold to these position many times in the face of obvious facts. Some people believe that the Mafia killed JFK. Some people believe that Elvis is still alive. Other people believe they just walked of the store with the winning lottery ticket (that's me). The question that you have to ask yourself is, will the FDA grant AA for Eteplirsen. A drug that has stabilized DMD boys who would otherwise be in steep decline. A drug that has a verifiable bio-marker of Dsytrophin production, the exact missing protein that is the root cause of DMD. A drug that is proven to be safe that treats a conditions that is 100% fatal and has no other treatment available.

      So, you've gotta ask yourself a question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

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      • funny and insightful. Would you feel lucky if someone came to you and said "I have a stock thats at 25-26 bucks that, worst case, will be 200 bucks in 2-3 years (have to do a phase 3). Best case is the stock is 200 bucks in less than a year (aa approval)" What would you do? Seems like a no brainer to me "bro". I would buy that shizit now and buy more if it goes down. DUH

      • I feel slightly dumber for having read your entire post.

        Also, in case you aren't aware, I'm not short.

      • Evis IS alive

        as for AA, I am not counting on it

        I believe the next best thing will occur

        a very favorably sized and structured P3

        given the totality of circumstances since 10/3/12, especially those that occurred on 11/7/13, I personally do not see AA in the cards

        conversely, it seems incomprehensible to me that the FDA would make the company wait 9 or 10 months just to tell it something it could have easily told it last early spring ... namely, a full blown, high head count, 2-year placebo controlled P3

        so I say no to door 1 and no to door 3

        I am going with door 2, which I believe will be perceived as quite bullish by the finance markets

        but unfortunately, it will still be terrible for any dmd boy who is in their mid to late teens

        I hope I am mega wrong on this and the FDA goes for door 1

    • That's just fine. Let's roast their nuts over a large burning ember of SRPT stock...
      By the way, whom ever put their 100 share bid on top my 1000 share bid for after hours, could you
      please remove that? Thank you! {smiles}

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