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  • vskomarovsky vskomarovsky Apr 11, 2014 3:19 PM Flag

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    Who are the buyers of these sold shares? I don't think all the sold shares are bought by new investors or retail investors. All the institutions are smart money so please tell us who are the buyers of these shares when everybody knows it is going down. Most of the retail will buy when the stocks go up and sell when the markets go down due greed and panic respectively. So in this case if Smart money is selling and retail also selling due to panic and margin calls, then please tell us who are the buyers of these sold shares or who are the smart money selling to?


    It the same people buying and selling. They keep all this stuff in inventory. They have deep pockets, and you got the Fed and this US Government keeping them liquid. YOU, the person looking at your screen, is SUPPOSE to believe that the good 'ol market maker is matching buyers with sellers. But what is REALLY happening is the market makers take stock prices up and down according to whatever insider information they have, and you are suppose to believe what the media tells you. Their goal is simple. Get you to buy hype, or sell fear. So long as you buy too high or sell into losses, they are making money.

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