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  • kgrichard5 kgrichard5 May 9, 2014 4:06 PM Flag

    Defending our CEO

    I know he has his faults and has made some miscalculations. I also know he inherited some great science and has the benefit of a few Super Moms ( and I mean that in a great way). However, show me another biotech with only one phase 2 trial, nothing on the market....that has well over 300 Million in CASH and 65% institutional ownership. He is bringing in power house personnel, institutional support and Mega cash. This does not happen if you are an incompetent CEO. Finally, he has REVERSED an FDA position....from too early, to perhaps, a solid and expedited filing for approval. The moms are great, but our CEO definitely had more to do with it than you can imagine! JMHO

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    • will the conference call next week be an event?

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      • I see it as a building block event

        assuming the company provides further details on the new trials, this should provide further comfort to the market that "the forward plan" is actually gunna happen on the schedule that has been depicted so far

        at this point, it seems to me that everything is important, with some things being more important than others

        IMO, nothing near term will be more important than 144 week clinical data, company disclosure on whether sufficient number of P2 parents will agree to 4th biop (CEO said he would disclose this when he knew), and then, the actual results of the 4th biop

        IMO, if the company gets past these milestones, FDA acceptance of the NDA submission this year is a near lock

        the ultimate FDA decision in 2015 on review for approval will depend on many other things, but the FDA decision to accept the NDA submission appears to be dependent on a short list of impending milestones

        I see the FDA acceptance of the NDA submission as binary (hi copp!)

        but we need the impending building blocks to get there

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    • One thing no one should forget the P2 was his idea and it worked.

    • An important consideration. The trail is still ongoing, we most all hope the results continue to impress. Doesn't matter that there is a small number of patients, as time passes the results because more significant regardless of the size..

    • Great Post!!

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