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  • cjcollins17 cjcollins17 Jan 8, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    Expected Bounce of WRIGHT MEDICAL

    Whats the expected Bounce of WRIGHT MEDICAL when Augment gets Approved! Been with BMTI for awhile now and don't like this new deal, but it is what it is.

    Thinking of holding after the deal. With WRIGHT MEDICAL around 20-21, whats peoples expectation of a pop when Augment get the FDA Approval?


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    • Rohr, the only orthopedic surgeon to vote no on all 3 questions, made the most damaging statements - primarily by throwing out the basis for the study which the FDA had previously "agreed" to as adequate by demanding that the study not only show that Augment is noninferior but also that it was actually doing anything at all, and by questioning the premise that grafts are even necessary. Several other board members openly questioned his attack stating that his was an unreasonable standard. Hopefully, Rohr has become more friendly, ahem, in light of the Wright "purchase", ahem.

    • Probably to the low $30 range IMO. Approval is not a given but expected. After that it will depend on how Wright markets Augment and how aggressive they are in new studies. That's is my guess at least! It is a bit surprising to see BMTI trading near $7.90 today given FDA approval is months away at a minimum given yesterdays Questions FDA had? I don't like the deal either but given the FDA and how long they take with decisions we would still be at @$4 area if didn't get offer. It seems no other company is interested in bidding for BMTI without approval. Wright will have a large payday a year or two from now provided they launch the product successfully. Let us not forget the EU approval of Augment is long overdue!

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      • I don't think it will jump that much. There's still a very good chance that BMTI will buy their way out of the deal if approval comes before the deal with wright is finalized. They'd be stupid not to.

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      • Thanks Uniowner.
        Yes Approval is not a given....not with the FDA... however, with all the data and evidence it should have been.
        I completely forgot about the EU Augment Approval. With or Without EU Approval, I see little change unless someone else comes to bid. Wright will have a large payday soon IMO. I'm still not sure which way I'll vote, but my # of shares will have little effect.

        At $4, I was content to watch it slowly rise, but management wants their security assured. I'm fine with that, but as a shareholder feels like (we) deserved more reward for all the earlier risk in Augment.

        I'll have to dig deeper into Wright before choosing to sell should the deal finalize. Their most recent presentation gave me a little info to contemplate.


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