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  • corngrowerz corngrowerz Jan 30, 2009 11:11 AM Flag

    Parod's pump and dump....

    Well the trading price has fallen back to the doldrums closer to when Dick Parod joined. Good thing he was able to pump it long enough to make a few million selling his shares near the top,which is approx. 5X current value not that long ago. I guess if you bought shares then and held, you are not a happy camper losing 80% on what you thought was a conservative, stable play.

    Of course, the current valuation is not his is the economy stupid! Just like when the price pumped up over $100 due to commodity prices and market momentum.. Well, the reason it was actually trading that high is because he is doing such a GREAT job!! whatever.

    This Board of Directors is under the sheets with Parod way too much. Howard Buffett is leaving the Board soon enough. Do you really want to own or buy this stock and risk having it drop in the teens or worse single digits??????????

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    • Just bought in and doubt we'll see the teens. Lately you have to look for companies that will definitely still be in business in a few years with good long term prospects. These guys would appear to fit the bill. We'll see if the Great Depression turns out to really be one as opposed to people pretending everyone is in a soup line.

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      • Have you heard of the ‘baby boomers’? That’s a huge group of people that are about to be retiring, and their going to be halting spending like gangbusters. For those that aren’t too familiar with the baby boomers you can look up the demographic information on the net. Well, they do need to eat so LNN can help that out – the infrastructure play may lift LNN soon (creating roadblocks and concrete barriers), probably quite a bit is possible, maybe I’ll invest after this soon to occur downturn, between it and the next major downturn toward the end of 2010. But the future of malls and other retail outlets are in question – as is ‘who’s’ going to pay these trillion dollar bills when the baby boomers take their new austere asses to the graves, and the population of the US tanks? I’m not negative; I’m wondering out loud… Actually, I’m here to keep an eye on LNN, thinking it might be a good investment for the Obama stimulus. It’s on my A list – actually it’s the only one on my A list LOL. Does anyone know what percentage of their income is from foreign lands? If so, from where?

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