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  • rwcva rwcva Oct 5, 2011 5:35 PM Flag

    $55 Annual Fee - Costco Pulls a Netflix

    The average Costco customer saves about $20 a week on groceries compared to major grocers in their market areas. That comes to $2600.

    $55 to save $2600?

    Stand outside a Costco and watch the carts.

    Especailly since Walmart and others have raised shelf prices, more customers are getting smart about comparing prices per pound, per ounce ESPECIALLY ON NON-PERISHABLES such as paper products, soaps, juices, sodas, canned goods, and toiletries/personal care, books, electronics, and small appliances.

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    • Bro, you need a math lesson.

      1. $20/wk x 52 weeks = $1,040, not $2,600
      2. The average customer doesn't use Costco exclusively for groceries. They pick up a few bulk items but still go to other grocery stores. Your $20/wk. savings is substantially overstated.
      3. Many Costco customers are sporadic shoppers and will find that $55/yr. isn't worth the hassle of shopping at Costco. Parking hassles, rude employees, massive bulk purchases, etc.

      This will backfire on Costco. Mark my words.

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      • I do most of my shopping at Costco. Every time I go into a grocery store I wonder who is stupid enough to pay those prices.

        Costco parking. I've never had a problem. Sure, I can't park in front of the door, but their parking spaces are large and there are plenty of them.
        Rude Employees. I've never felt a Costco employee was rude. Always very friendly.
        Massive Bulk Purchases. Yea, thats kinda the point of a warehouse store.

        We spend about $300 a month at Costco... for 2 people. It would cost a lot more at the grocery store. Sure, you can coupon hunt and maybe get some good deals, but I don't have to do that at Costco and I get good deals.


      • And don't ignore the predator with a Warehouse Club everywhere UPS delivers: Amazon.

        I think after Amazon has milked the sales tax free loophole for all its worth, it will set up Amazon Fresh all over and $79 for Amazon Prime for the convenience and economy of free home delivery on its "Whole World Catalog" selection will pose an existential threat to Costco's membership warehouse business model.

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