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  • badd_doggee badd_doggee Jun 26, 2012 10:17 PM Flag

    Bizarre policies

    Costco just a few days ago opened a gas station at the store near me, so I thought I'd give it a try. I handed the attendant my Costco card (Oregon is the only state in the US where you don't pump your own gas) and said filler up, and he asked "Debit Card or American Express?" I have neither being an old fashioned sort, so I said cash. THOSE NUMBSKULLS DON'T TAKE CASH OR VISA. I am not an owner of the stock and probably never will be.

    BTW, they also waste millions on people and medical cost to manually round up carts. They are in the dark ages, there is a grocery store a mile away that has used electric carts for years, and one person can do the work of 4 or 5 with little manual effort. Wake up folks.

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    • Not bizarre at all, in fact, very practical. Eliminates theft or potential robbery, speeds up transaction, and is less costly. They pay nothing to accept AMEX and pass it on via lower prices. It seems like it is you that needs to become current. The Costco AMEX will give you 3% back on your gas purchases to save even more.

    • The warehouses have cashiers using point of sale equipment and internal controls that require the cashiers til to balance out at the end of their shift. You would need the same things (plus more pump oriented hardware and software)for a new dedictaed employee to accept cash. That is all more overhead.

    • Yeah, sure. I'll start sending Emails out today. :)

      The cash issue is not that important, the importance of listening to the customer is the real point. In another message thread there were a bunch of valid issues raised (sample stations clogging up aisles, the door-check bottleneck as you leave, etc.), so even though these issues have been known for years, I don't see Costco rushing to solve them. The retail business is too competitive to just keep on doing what you've always done. Remember Sears!

    • Having rigidly held opinions and denying things that threaten them will kill a business, and investors too. If something threatening is on the horizon, denial won't help you get out of the way.

      Good Luck to All.

    • Here's what I suggest that you do:

      Since are unhappy with the present gasoline payment criteria, hopefully you have submitted feedback to the company. If not, please do it and encourage like-thinking people to do the same.

      If you're a stockholder, sell all of your stock on Monday morning. It closed at an all-time high today. If all goes as you expect, you'll be much better off than the rest of us.

      Hopefully this issue isn't the biggest of your life's worries. If it is, please try to see the big picture. For example, there are ~375 newly homeless families in Colorado Springs who certainly wish their concerns revolved around the inconvenience of not being able to pay cash for gasoline. It's all about perspective.

      If you feel our Costco membership doesn't suit your needs, please realize that you can get a pro-rated refund of your membership fees with no questions asked.

    • No cash at pumps mean safety for employees and members at Costco. What a great decision..............................

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      • There's one big reason people prefer to shop at Costco and that's quality merchandise at day in and day out rock bottom prices...copious samples don't hurt either. That entails some unique ways of operating that enable it to operate more efiiciently with margins that would bankrupt nearly all of their competitors.

        This includes limiting use of credit cards due to skimming by most credit card processers. Amex offered them a package superior for both them and their customers.

        No doubt, virtually all of Costco's gas station competitors will be happy to take cash, maybe even offer a discount for using it, but you will be hard pressed to find any that will sell it to you for less...there's a good reason their stations are always so busy.

    • Ha ha..OP has no clue....They are pay at the pump like everywhere else, they do take visa at every one I have been too. Your debit card is probably a visa you just don't know the difference. And someone complaining that Costco is providing jobs to cart pullers rather than motorizing the process is a complete #$%$

    • That's a little stronger than I would worded it, but I understand your point nonetheless. :-)

      Concerning the original poster, I think some people confuse Costco [a warehouse store] with a "service" store such as Nordstrom's or Saks Fifth Avenue [yes, I am aware that is an absurd comparison, it's meant to be hyperbole].

      As a more accurate example, some people will complain that Costco has no changing rooms for trying on clothes. In contrast, I don't expect there to be changing rooms [they would take up valuable merchandise space], but am very happy for Costco's generous return policy. If it doesn't fit [or whatever], I am just glad to know that I can return it without hassle.

      The same goes for their gasoline stations. They have determined that cashless is the most efficient and safest method to use, so that is their policy. Sam's Club is [as usual] following Costco's lead in this.

      This doesn't mean that Costco thinks differing opinions are not valuable, it means that there aren't enough people whose opinions match the original poster [at least not enough that bother to contact them about it] to make such a revenue-impacting change. If there are enough people who contact them about it, they're more than happy to review their policies on the subject.

      However, if something seems to 'work' for the overwhelmingly large percentage of customers, there probably won't be any changes. Costco tries its best to make people happy, but as the saying goes "you can't make all of the people happy all of the time".

    • So use your debit card and get out of your own dark age. If customers like you got their way there would be long lines everywhere at Costco and higher prices to babysit people like you. I bet you are on the phone with them every day complaining about something or another. Do us all a favor and shop at Sam's.

    • re: Costco's generous return policy

      Oh you mean that super duper long line all the time {when I see it anyway] with one super duper slow costco employee taking things back reallllllllll nice and slow? JOKE!

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