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  • talbott8 talbott8 Sep 5, 2012 10:24 PM Flag

    No longer a shopper at Costco

    What a shame. To associate yourself with a failed administration Missing in action, can't even propose a budget that their own party can take ownership of, 15% to 20% real unemployment and blames everyone but themselves for their failed policies. If you ran your company this way we would have never heard of Costco!

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    • leave please...

    • Jim Senegal started as a temp worker at Price stores. He got the eye of management and was offered a full time job. Later he was put through the executive track. At Costco he was the spark plug in making it what it is today. This does not fit in with the Romney who made his money the old fashioned way. He inherited it.

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    • no longer a shopper at Costco? We don't need customers with a b ad attitude. They should check you at the door and not let you in.

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      • FDA warning of hundreds of dead dogs from Chinese chicken jerky that Costco doesn't remove from the shelves. But what else is new for Costco's abused customers. About $1K of purchases yearly to pay off "membership" before any "savings" can start. No aisle indices for searching shoppers (keeps them in store longer to buy more). No real "sales" to match the 50% off prices at growing numbers of supermarkets. Weevils in slow-moving bulk cereals. Gaspump discount less than Kroger/Fry's, etc.. Strip-searches coming in/out, instead of friendly greeters as in competitor supermarkets. Inadequate parking lots with long walks. 1950s-type warehouse atmosphere. Great buys "disappeared" 1-by-1 over the years. (example: Kirkland dogfood doubled in price during 2000s). In other words, I no longer shop at Costco..and not for political reasons. Exclusive "Membership" shopping is for suckers.

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    • Hate is not part of my vocabulary or mindset. Try reading Plato's Republic which
      Discusses the Guardian theory of leaders in nations. Well like many, I built my company with no help from the likes of a full time politician who possesses absolutely not one ounce of Leadership skill. Why else would he have permitted the less than 5% extreme left to create the agenda in Congress, why would he not place a call to Boehner over the course of 12 months and attempt to move the country forward and out of stalemate? This is what happens when amateurs are put in positions of power......what is wrong with our electorate?

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      • I shop at both TGT and Costco. People need to check quality and unit prices, as well as whether you actually need the product. Or better stated, be careful of impulse buying. On political hate, the democrats are better at it. Obama is a street organizing hack, that typically plays on race and class warfare. He has demonstrated this regularly during his administration. He has set back the division of race back to the civil war days. He is supposed to be everyone's president, but his true " color's " (politics) have shown thru from day one. His ego knows no bounds and his wife knows how to take advantage of the govt. dole, excuse me, perks! At the knee of Reverend Wright for 20 years. You Dems looked the other way with Clinton too. Have you people no shame???? Rapes his own supporters and he is honored by all you left wing zombies.

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    • Yeah, right, I think I'll just take it from the horses mouth and that would be the guy who knows what he's talking about, the actual CEO and founder of COST not some arnchair quarterback like you.

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