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  • mr_nimble_2_you mr_nimble_2_you Apr 8, 2013 11:40 AM Flag


    okay I will start:
    I became a HUGE fan a number of years back. was a HUGE buyer of stuff. Loved th low prices, loved the concept. Now to the negatives.

    I dont need or want extra special customer service. i fiund it eats into ability of stires to give low prices. having said that costco, at my store anyway, seems to have a policy of IGNORe any customer issue where costco screwed up and customer is calling them out on it.

    next negative: I no longer buy pervcooked food perpackaged cooked food from them: it is awful
    I no longer buy any produce it is melly and spoils too fast.

    I DO contiue to buy plenty of paper products and one off items that appear out of the blue that I like.

    Inm short I was a WILD RAGING fan, but I now I still go there but have a sour taste in my mouth due to multiple times they ignored SERIOUS issues I brought up aboiut how htey screwed up. I am a HUGE buyer there but they really dont care at all. in my experience they simpyl will nto take rewpobility when they screw up. Customer is bascailyl ignored and they hope he'll go away. IN all my cases I finally'won' and they finally creid uncle and admited I was right but oh boy not with out a multo mpnth drag down fight. I imafgine I am in the top 5 % of all costco customers anywher.. and this is how I am treated for peanuts??


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