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  • barbar90015 barbar90015 Nov 4, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    Why Costco should NOT sell high-priced luxury items

    Example, bottles of liquor that are $4,000 each. I believe that having these items raises Costco's insurance costs for theft / breakage / loss; takes valuable display space from other more common items; and angers the common customer because he cannot afford the "lifestyles of the rich and famous". Please Costco, stop the b.s. and get back to your original ideals !

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    • BARBAR, I bet large companies like COSTCO are self-insured.

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    • I'm a common customer and see nothing wrong with selling a $4k bottle of liquor. Then again, emulating the "rich and famous" has never held any interest to me.....people who do that are lemmings.

    • I shop at the costco in Boca Raton...the store is always jammed...people fill up their carts with wine,filets, gift baskets, etc. etc....they love thestore, do I......Costco has the clientele here to sell everything....when people see things, they buy matter what.....Go Costco...

    • This is such an outrage, $4000 bottle of liquor taking up less than 1sqft of space. A few reasons why they do this are 1. It's a conversation piece for other consumers."Wow look! I wonder what a $4000 bottle of bourbon taste like". 2. It gets people who can’t afford that bottle feel that paying $50 for bourbon is a great deal. 3. Costco caters to all different consumers from lower class to a few billionaires. 4. Costco is known to carry great quality of products their reputation depends on it, whoever wants to purchase this bottle can do so with confidence. Also, many of these expensive items are locked up and are not around in the open. Regarding the insurance, if all of the Costco locations removed this bottle from the store, their insurance rate for the year MIGHT go down $1.00-$2.00, if that. Remember 1. Take care of your workers. 2. Workers will take care of the customers. 3. Customers will take care of the shareholders. That’s the main reason why Costco does so well. They can cut labor costs to the bone, increase shareholders value, but the service will be more in line with Walmart. Short term gains lead to long term losses.

      FYI: They probably sell gas at a loss...No!!!!!!!!

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    • so lets just sell a bunch of chinese junk with a low markup instead.
      most buyers are not shelling out 2,500 for a big TV, lets get rid of those too. that will really clear space, the electronics section is big
      are the "rich and famous" even doing their shopping at costco? i can care less and I know most people can care less either what anyone else buys.
      I guess some people are so upset with their lot in life, they are just envious of anyone else

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