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  • rata1969 rata1969 Feb 17, 2005 1:44 PM Flag

    Talked with IR just now

    I did not know if they would answer the phone, since I had left already a message since Monday with no call back.

    But Daniel did answer the phone, we remembered me since I had spoken to him several times before, I did not mention exactly how many shares I had this time, I just said I was a long term believer in MAMA.

    Here is what he said:

    First he did not call back because since Tuesday he has recieved a lot of phone calls from everybody and their mother, also that its very hard to comment with all these things happening, that they had absolutly nothing to do with the rummor that surfaced, when I asked him if he thought it was a hedge fund, he hesitated but said he could not comment on that, (but it sounded like he knew it was), he told me as advice never to buy on rummors, I said I had not bought, that I had been a long time holder of MAMA.

    I asked about Price Waterhouse, he said they recieved a letter in the Mail and they made the statement public, that they are now looking for a new Auditor and he did not know exactly when the Auditor would be found and when they would report earnings.

    He said numbers were still strong, that their bussines was as strong as ever, and that as soon as a new auditor was hired that they would put out a PR.

    Now with Copernic, he said that the deal was very closse, (he first said extremelly close, but then kind of changed his mind and said close) that the final numbers were being examined.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IR SAID" The Price Waterhouse Situation Does Not Harm In Any Way The Copernic Deal"

    There it is what I was looking for, That this is no was harms this deal, the only thing he could not say was about my questions about how Copernic was handeling the recent decline in the stock price, he said it was an issue and that they were trying to come to an agreement in that.

    Since he said that the number of shares had already been agreed upon, so I would think it was when MAMA was trading at 7-7.50, that is 45% decrease in Price, so he said they were looking into that, so that it would not affect shareholders.

    Now the moment I mention Kott, he kept quite, he said he could not comment on that situation,

    SEC he said they were cooperating with them and that they were just waiting for them to resolve, that its a slow procces, very slolw.

    He said he did not know exactly how the buyout rummor had started and how excatly so many shares traded hands, he sounded tired to be hones, his voice was quite depressed.

    So thats it, there is nothing to do but wait, good news about Copernic.

    We have 2 good things going for us, first if they find a new Auditor wich he said they are now looking for, since they do have to start another audit quite soon, and when they do this will get us to over 5 dlls again with no problem.

    And second the Copernic Deal,(believe me, it almost sounded like he wanted to tell me that this deal would happen soon) and then he kind of thought back and said they were still working on it.

    I think it has a lot to do with the Price and number of Shares, since he said their balance sheet was still very strong, and they still had 27 million in the Bank, so I think this is good news.

    The Copernic Deal should bring us back to 6 dlls, and I do hope it happens quite soon.

    Today we have seen a lot of bottom fishers comming into MAMA.

    Lets see how it closses today.

    Remember any positve news and all these shorts would be fried at the spot, since the rummor runup was fake, but a real run up would be suicidal for shorts.

    Those who say that MAMA is done, and headed for the Pink Sheets, just look at this, they have 27 million dollars in the Bank, only 12 million Shares, and are in the finish of buying one of the most interesting companies on the Net that is used by no other than AOL, and to top things off they make money.

    Good luck to all, and if we hit

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    • You are a fucking idiot. If you assume this COPPERDICK is a great deal for your MAMA then you must logically assume that the COPPERDICK people don't know how to value their business and are selling something much more valuable than the price MAMA is allegedly paying.

      I find it hard to believe that MAMA knows more about COPPERDICK than COPPERDICK knows about itself. So go ahead and buy COPPERDICK and try to manufacture the numbers again.

      The game is almost up for yur MAMA.

    • 1. I find it hard to believe someone from a corporate IR gave you investing advice DON'T BUY ON RUMORS, that is bull

      2. the thing that troubles me is that they keep saying, we are trying to FIND, key word find an auditor, makes it sound like they need to find someone corrupt enough to sign off on it. I promise you that a stand up company that had their auditor quit wouldn't have to FIND anyone, the phone would be ringing off the hook and the auditors would find them