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  • rata969 rata969 Feb 22, 2005 8:41 PM Flag

    Well I was kind of expecting this

    Its always the same after any sign of a stock takes a dump, the lawyers appear left and right.

    I was expecting the share price to drop more after hours, but It did not.

    Somehow we were all expecting this, one thing is to start a lawsuit, the other is to get enough investors who lost money so that its worth it.

    Remember only 12 million shares, so there is not that much to go around, and a lot of MAMA investors only have 100 shares here and there.

    So lawyers are only as good as the money they can steal from a company, in this case is not that much.

    The lawsuit is accusing MAMA of something that not even the SEC has been able to do.

    If the SEC has no case, then the lawyers are just wasting their time.

    We will probably see bellow 4 dlls tomorow, if we hit 3.75 then im selling the LOOK I bought today and buying more MAMA.

    We are almost trading at Cash Value here, it can't always be bad news, there has to be a silver linning somewhere.

    MAMA has been hit with every bit of bad news that a stock can be hit with.

    These lawyers are accusing MAMA of selling their shares in the high in order to buy 2 companies, this is a plus for shareholders not a minus, they sold in the high, nothing wrong with that, its not like they went and started buying Bottles of Crystal and Parties in Greece like the TYCO CEO.

    Believe me if the Copernic Deal closes this month we will see MAMA at 5 dlls, and for once the CEO and CFO can come out of their silent period and for once open their mouths,

    Good luck to all, and for now you shorts have won, but there is always tomorow, or the next day since tomorow we will probably be in the red for most of the day.

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    • Rata, well I'll will be busy! Not going anyone out on the carpet! It would not do any good any way.

      You are counting losses in you FWHT CALLS! You still have about three weeks of time premium in them.

      Here is a blur from that board!


      Sorry to read it, Leon!

      The one thing I noticed on the CC that has me scratching my head was the reading of the disclaimer....I not only thought it was weird (I have never heard that done before, ever.) but wonder if it may have been designed to help drive down the stock.... for what purpose? I have no idea, any thoughts?
      I'm surprised you bagged it. Do watch for a buy in lower... the last time they drove it this hard Spring '03' it ran like the wind a month after....
      If I was long I might have bagged it when I noticed such a meager dead cat today less than 2% retracement in what finally became an up market.... The shorters are going to punish these new buyers soon IMO ...probably after they let them think there is hope by giving up another 50 cents tomorrow...Then they will take it down and steal your shares. Any of you new players should take the time to look over day charts and look for shorting new shorts should look for an out within a buck or so...these big guys that trade this stock are absolutely brutal and once they load, your butts will be theirs


      Topics of Interest!

      1. Can't understand the C.C. disclaimer, design maybe to drive the stock down.

      2. Shorter are going to punish the new buyers.

      3. Shorting patterns (has happen here and then pull the bid!

      4. Big guys that trade this stock are brutal,,, ( I use the word ruthless ).

      Now, I am busy! Again, laughing! My friend to me that I said " You said you would be quiet at any thing over $5 bucks ", and I respond by saying that changes with a 22 million share day! I just wonder where we would be if the CEO had not said anything, but if not today trading and sector news would have had more effect but maybe did not since we are way over sold! We have had a complete retracement. I have had some shares of MAMMA in the 12 and 13 area after the peak. Much pain is taken to brainwash on another board about resistance and support levels.

      Peaces to the Knights if such a circle of knowledge exist.

      I will wait and see what happens. My WHOLE AGENDA was to try and GET THE BLEEDING OF PPS to stop! I failed, but my EDUCATION IS INVALUABLE!

      peace to all!

      silent hombre! (no ill feeling towards any poster)

    • Forgive your friend and give to those in need.

      It will help heal your soul.

    • dude!dude!dude!dude!dude!
      Do yourself a favor turn off the computer, stop paying attention to the business channels and f!@king relax.

    • Hombre, I really dont know what to think sometimes with MAMA, I really think we will close today in the Green at 3.80, I really think we will see some positive news come out friday or monday.

      But im suffering here, margin calls left and right, selling more Euros, getting killed in the big ones.

      and my smallest holding EZTO bought 3K dlls, goes up 50%, and I sold now its up 80%, so the ones I sell go up, and the ones I buy go down, or the other way around, the ones I buy more of go down, and the ones I buy very little or almost none since 3K of EZTO was like 120,000 shares, and made only 1.5K, while I lost 6K on the FWHT calls alone.

      Today its all screwed up, hope we hit bottom at 3.50 and really close at 3.80.

      Good luck, since we really need it.

      And just like you I tried to help a friend 2 years ago, set him up with his own bussines, robbed me blind over 90K, when I caught him, he change passwords and tried to ask for 50K in release of the books and passwords for the bussines, I just won the lawsuit and then he skipped town, and this was a childhood friend that had almost no money to pay the rent.

      So from now on I only help myself and my children.

    • Rata, it was hard yesterday at first to get to your $3.75, now you are re-loaded!

      PSY=101, he has so much money tied up, he knows what is going on.

      Like I said, the INSTITUTION CAN SEE well ahead of small investors with the little accurate data that they can get!

      Laughing, you are " dangerous "!


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      • No now im really tied up, LOOK getting killed, MAMA getting Killed, and bought 10K shares of FWHT at 10.65 yesterday and also getting killed not that much but stil.

        FWHT calls worthless, who would have thought that we could still trough more gasoline to the fire with these downgrades.

        MAMA is just way oversold, LOOK at 95 cents, these stocks are trading at cash value almost.

        Bought some more MAMA 10K shares at 3.65, could not get filled under 3.60 each time I put a buy order someone beat me to it each time.

        So each time you see MLCO its me buying, well let see what happens today.

        Im overbought, and at the same time all my stocks are oversold at 52 week lows.

    • Rata, don't know if you are a MAVERICK , but you are dangerous!

      Many lessons here! I saw FWHT go by! Remembered it was mentioned in the discussion circles!

      I could go back and find the CNBC ALERT on macro search stock and how they would be the one's focused on!

      Well, you would have thought that was positive, no it was a setup for the BRUTAL HACKING OF THIS SECTOR by the INSTITUTION.

      Who pay CNBC BILLS??

      Your are right about the " PERFECT STORM " !

      MAMMA was a stock before Mark Cuban, but this effort could have started before he bought in.

      CITIGROUP slip in here sometime before SEPT 30, 2004 and plugged once or twice by UPANDDOWN100, remove his posts and with YAHOO BUTTON BAR off, you would never had known that they were here!

      LOOK is a VICTIM.

      Did not evaluate FWHT numbers, but a glance they are growing, INSTITUTION is killing the sector!

      One wrong word out of GOOGLES and they will be down $50 bucks. Even you shorted them!

      NO NEWS ON MAMMA, and it is down 10 PERCENT a DAY!


    • Hombre I just got killed with some FWHT March Calls that I bought today, was wishing that they would report like INSP did and it was all contrary 22% down, so my calls are now worthless, lost 6K.

      With MAMA I really dont know when we will hit bottom, I thought LOOK had hit bottom at 1.10 dlls and now its trading at 98 cents.

      I bought the farm today im up to 155K shares of MAMA, don't want to buy anymore.

      If you were to ask me today before the numbers came out I would have said 3.75 was the floor.

      But today we see FWHT came out with normal numbers nothing wow and is sitting close to a 52 week low, and it gets killed 22%.

      Then maybe MAMA will go to 3.25 who knows anymore, this market is killing the small caps, Imagine LOOK is now worth 98 cents, 2 months ago it was at 2.40.

      MAMA was trading at 7 dlls 2months ago, its now at 3.75.

      So it's very difficult to have a floor on this one, the thing I know is that there are a lot of shorts out there that have made a killing, and any news, and I mean any positive news will take MAMA 20% higher in a heartbeat.

      If and When this happens is the question.

    • That is what the lawsuit says, in that case USA Interactive bought Expedia, and a bunch of other internet companies with inflated prices as well.

      I say they were quite smart to cash in when their stock was up so much, Once again I never said they sold stock at an inflated price, the lawsuit states it.

      If you look at price targets for MAMA, we should be trading at 13 dlls, that was our price target, instead we are trading at 3.85 dlls.

      I really think if the Copernic Deal is announced this week, we will be back at 5 dlls, its illogical to be trading at almost cash value.

      If you look at rankings for MAMA in the last weeks MAMA went to an all time high in rankings, now you tell is this something negative.

      What happens to Copernic they already agreed on aquiring shares at 7 dlls, All this is because of one person Kott, if they can't link anything then there is no basis for a lawsuit.

      Calling IR in a couple of minutes.

    • Hombre, Im not talking to any lawyers, screw those blood sucking parasites. Last time I filled out those forms I got 87 cents in a check in the mail after like 2 years and had lost like 15K in a company called Advanced Health Technologies.

      But once again, the SEC has not charged them with anything yet, so why this, and why did they deciede to buy Copernic if they had all these problems to start with.

      After the Price Waterhouse issue, I asked a friend of mine that works for Ernst & Young, and he said that Its more comon that one would think, he said a lot of times the company does not agree on the outcome of the audit, as simple as that.

      At the moment we are seeing more lawsuits come out of everywere, so like I said is this blood on the streets yet.

      This is not Enron, these guys sold shares at an inflated price and recieved 16 million dollars,they bought Digital Arrow with some of that money and stock, and now want to buy Copernic with also some of that money and stock as well.

      Remember last week we were up 40% no we are down 50%, what a differnce a week makes.

      Now what happens if MAMA deciedes it will not buy Copernic, what then.

      This is the question that has not been answered, 1 year ago MAMA was trading at 3.65 with only half a million in the bank.

      It is now trading at 3.85 with over 28 million in the bank, the only difference is now we have more shares, but we also have digital arrow.

      Bottom line is that we are very cheap at these prices.

      Those of you that want to short, be my guest, Actually I must admire the shorts, they sure did hit this one, congratulations, but we will also have our day, we deserve it.

      Buying more right now.

    • Amazing Rata, you are still calling prices and they happens, you made over $100,000 so you said, you know when to buy and sell.

      You call and talk with IR. They email you data on Jan 31 and then they make the announcement on the 3 of FEB, I asked did anyone else get that info.

      The CONTROLLING INSTITUTION(S) has ruled this with an iron fist! Small investors are not running the stock up and then back down!

      I posted once, you are dangerous. The message board players (Knights of the Round Table) have done their job!

      This is a bad dream, Kritter!


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      • Hombre, I got sent that email not because I am an investor, but because I am their client.

        If you would have advertised with like me, you would have recieved the same email at the same time.

        Believe me im no different than you when it comes to talking to IR, I also left them messages and they took days to call back.

        Im suffering right now, yesterday I bought close to 40K shares or MAMA at 4.25 today im taking a huge hit, already own 100 K shares again.

        So its not all smiles here, im really suffering.

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