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  • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist May 7, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    Missed revenue estimate by $21 million

    And cash is down to barely $200 million. Burning $8 million/quarter. Time for another secondary offering. What a hamster wheel. The spin in their press release is monumental.

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    • I believe you guys are sorely mistaken. Company reiterated guidance, adjusted EPS looked fine. The fact that they reiterated guidance means upcoming quarters are going to BLOW AWAY estimates. I believe we are FULLY ON TRACK and this will be the year of SUPREME GROWTH. I don't think the big boys will be selling this at all. It's been idling at ~$17 while the rest of the market has TAKEN OFF. XPO has lots of room to run. If we happen to trade down tomorrow (which I somewhat doubt), there will be buyers hand over fist.

    • not good. we will see what the investors think tomorrow. if a few biggies bail the little guys will get hurt on this thin stock. personally, i was very surprised the numbers were so poor. i expected the loss to narrow not widen.

    • I don't see the earnings yet. Where are you getting your numbers?

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      • I don't get it. XPO has been buying PROFIT MAKING COMPANIES with that mountain of cash. So, where are the profits? We are seeing higher losses not lower. Heck, Q1 was the worst EVER!!!! How can you buy profitable companies (and he names them all in the release) and have the worst losses ever? Surely the profits minimize the known corporate expense increases (and should eliminate them).

        Worse still, should they not be cutting costs and finding synergies at these add ons thus making them even more profitable?

        They are now losing around $60 million per year and have about $200m in cash left. They need the cash for deals. So let's do the math. They will need a capital raise and we all get diluted.

        What am I missing here? I cannot wait to hear the call tomorrow. The analysts need to ask so,me hard questions or they are not doing there job. XPO will grow itself into chapter 11. BIG BIG BIG is NOT better anymore in logistics. Smarts, new technology, hybrid models, and new solutions are. Look at the winners in this market. Adding fat cheesy brokers that lie to their clients and to XPO is not going to make it.

        even at $1b in sales and 15% margins they will STILL LOSE MONEY. Just more due to all the bodies to get to $1b in sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You can read the earnings press release on the company's website, under the investor link. I guess they're too embarassed to distribute the news widely.

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