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  • realshazard realshazard Jan 23, 2014 8:03 AM Flag

    bj loves expedited

    From the JOC site:

    Bradley said he would expand the expedited division as part of his plan to make XPO a multibillion-dollar company. Express-1 “opened a cold start last year in Birmingham, Ala.,” he said. “There are a few acquisitions we’re looking at.”

    Expanding expedited through acquisition is “trickier” than growing brokerage in that way, “largely because the expedited model is an owner-operator model,” he said. “You’ve got to make sure they stay with your company after the deal.”

    There is a company doing growth by acquisiton in expedited, Radiant logistics. So it can be done. It strikes me as being a fundamentally better business than whatever it is Jacobs is doing. I suppose the difference is Radiant is taking it slow and Jacobs doesn't do it that way. we'll see which is the better strategy (please do not say "but WHAT ABOUT THE STOCK PRICE???!!!!!!!!11111111 We can all see the stock price)

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    • You care about the company, I care about the stock think they are greatly related, I think they are a lot less related than most think. Until this company matures, perception will drive stock, not reality.

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      • there is no debate about the stock price. the stock is what it is. it always will be. that's a given. there is no interesting discussion about the stock price, and this is a message board. second, as a fanboy, you've identified your own ego so closely with the company as to be unable to hear any criticism of jacobs without sticking your fingers in your eyes and screaming "la la la stock price." that's fine. but there is no disagreement about the stock price.

      • Ahhhh...the "greater fool theory" in action LOL. I love Chickens comment. It sums up everything about why the stock market continues to rise in the face of actual evidence of greatly deteriorating fundamentals. It reminds me of 2000 and 2008. I guess as long as Chicken "doesn't care about the company" he will be just fine in the long run so long as another fool will buy all of his stock. But don't miss the exit. It is a long drop to the bottom.

        Guys, let's be real here, and recognize that any stock must eventually produce some real numbers to be valued on - not just perception.

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